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Globus after EGD

My globus showed up 2 or 3 days after an EGD procedure. The lump sensation moved from below Adam's Apple to above and the very minor soreness seemed to widen at the beginning of my throat. No fever or any other cold symtoms.

I'm taking two 20 MG capsuls twice a day and two 120MG tablets of Rantitide at bedtime. So far, after 3 weeks, no relief but I occassionally feel a lessening of the lump sensation. While I doubt experience acid reflux or even reflux any more, the lump sensation gets worse during the night and in the morning. As a preventive, I  take two tablets of Tums or Rollaids as needed during the night. Am I over medicating?

I think there is an obvious correlation between the onset of Globus and the EGD procedure but could the EGD have caused the Globus?

I am a 71 yr old male with Barrett's (8 cm) and had a partial thyroidectomy 20 yrs ago. After my first EGD 30 months ago, I had no problems but could this recent second EGD somehow irritated the scarring from my thyroidectomy and that caused a tightening of throat muscels?
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HI...I am not a dr, but would suggest u get this looked at asap....and also consider it may be ur thyroid....

There is a good possibility that ur thoughts on what this is , is correct.

Please post an update on what u do find out.

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