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Gnawing stomach for 8 months!

I have had problems with my stomach since 2006 when I was 36 yrs of age ( mother of then 3 children).  I was overweight and went on a strict diet and lost 5 stone and then I started getting severe bloating when I ate something and then would burp continuously and have trouble breathing.  In the meantime I got pregnant and lost the baby at 20 wks and then, as I was not recovering well I had blood tests and found out I was b12 deficient.  I'm now on 3 monthly injections.  After about 18 months the bloating went, had a brief spell of feeling normal and then I started with gnawing at the top of my stomach slightly to the right.  This went after taking zantac and I got pregnant again in 2008.  The pregnancy was fine, really bad heartburn the whole time and a brief spell of gnawing but it went quickly.  After I had the baby, the heartburn continued and then when she was 6 months old(this is last year) the gnawing came back and has been constant ever since (for 8 months).  I can have the odd weekend when it subsides, but never longer than that.  Sometimes it goes through to my right shoulder blade and my husband has to massage it.  I am on Lansaprole 30mg per day, but the doctor won't treat me for h.pylori.  I have had no tests but he said he will send me for an endoscopy at my next visit.  Is this an ulcer?  And if so why wouldn't it have healed in 8 months?  I am worried it's something sinister, although I have not lost any weight or have any other symptoms than what I have told you.

Please offer some advice, I am going out of my mind with worry and the stress of it all!
Oh I am also breastfeeding and my periods have not returned yet (2 years without periods due to pregnancy and 14 months breastfeeding) Could this be hormone related?

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