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H Pylori question

Ten years ago i was tested (blood test) for h. Pylori and was treated successfully and my reflux was gone.its ten years later and i have reflux again.  Will the antibodies from ten years ago still be present meaning the blood test will be innaccurate. I already understand that this is the least accurate of the four tests so no one has to explain that to me. I have my reasons for wanting the blood test so Please dont waste your time trying to talk me out of it . Ive tried to get this specific question answered on other health sites and they wont answer my question directly. Its been so frustrating because I know someone has the answer.
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It's easy to get re-infected with H-Pylori. The skin of uncooked chicken is a prime source.
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It's not a question of antibodies being present from 10 years ago.  Like caregiver222 explains, it is very easy to get reinfected with any bacteria or virus.  

Ensure you use good hygiene by washing your hands after using the toilet and touching raw meats.  Keep raw meats away from cooked foods.  Store uncooked meats at the bottom of the fridge so as to avoid any blood drips onto cooked meats.

You already know the answer that the blood test does not give an accurate reading of having H.Pylori.  The breath test or the stool tests are more accurate.

Because you are experiencing acid reflux now, 10 years later, does not mean that you have H.Pylori.  Acid reflux can happen for other reasons - hiatus hernia for example.

Eat small amounts of food more often rather than a large meal at one sitting.  Cut down your intake of alcohol and fizzy drinks and coffee.  Cut out or cut down on fried foods.  Eat a healthy and well balanced diet by eating lean cuts of meat and fish.  Plenty of vegetables and fruit.  If you notice that any food triggers off your acid reflux, avoid it.  Cut out or cut down on processed foods, white bread, junk food and fast foods.  

If your acid reflux is worse at night, don't eat anything for a few hours before going to bed.

Stress and anxiety can also affect the gastric juices.  
Keep a food and drinks diary so that you will be able to see if there are any particular types of foods or drinks or the way thy are cooked that is causing the acid reflux.

Ask your doctor to refer you for a barium meal swallow or other tests to find out the cause of the acid reflux.

Your doctor will be able to prescribe medications to help reduce the acid reflux.

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The reason no one has the real answer is because they don't actually know much about H Pylori. Science hasn't done a lot to figure it out yet. Therefore the info out there is quite vague. Research it and you'll find the real truth is that not much is known about the infection.
All they know is that pretty much everyone has the infection, although most people have no symptoms. They think it causes ulcers, but it might not. All of the info on h pylori is pretty much speculation.

It is NOT thought to be caused by raw meat, in fact they think it might be spread through person to person because of its prevalence around the world. But the keyword in that is "think" because they truly don't know for sure.

You'll get differing opinions about how long it takes to eradicate it because the truth is no one knows anything for sure. Some sources tell you that if you kill it, it is rare to ever get infected again, some sources say the opposite - that you have to keep taking things to kill the "infection" for a whole year or even longer because it is a tough infection to kill.

Honestly, I'm not sure I trust anything anyone says, even naturopaths, when they claim to know things about h pylori, because the fact is no one knows anything for sure about h pylori.

H pylori is only found in some cases of ulcers and digestive problems so they just think it is the cause of ulcers, but they are not sure if it's a direct cause or if it just makes it worse, or if it's just there in the background while other things are causing the ulcer.

I've been trying to kill it off for a couple years with no change in my ulcers and digestive pain. I'm starting to think it's not the cause of my digestive problems at all. Mastic gum and oregan grape seems to be making my acid reflux worse, not better.

A lot of people have luck with mastic gum, but two naturopaths told me that the mastic gum doesn't even KILL H Pylori. The mastic gum just coats and heals the stomach lining making it feel temporarily better, you need something else to actually kill the infection, like oregan grape or something else that is designed to kill off bacteria. Mastic gum doesn't do that, but it does soothe ulcers and stomach upset. Maybe the reason H pylori keeps coming back for a lot of people is because they are only soothing the problem temporarily, not actually solving the underling issue.

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Let's cut to the chase. There is no legitimate source on planet earth that states it is "rare to get it again". That is nonsense on rye toast. Scientific American magazine did an excellent article on H Pylori and the various types. Do a google search.  It is a bacteria and follows the same rules as any other bacteria. Actually we (meaning every rational sane physician who didn't get his degree with boxtops) do know "for sure" exactly how the organism is transmitted. And yes, it does cause ulcers. It is transmitted on the surface of raw meat, chickens (I guess they are meat) in particular. That is a known fact. Except for those who believe the world is flat. But other things can cause ulcers. Actually the protocol for eradication is the same as for any other bacteria. In some cases the organism becomes encapsulated with biofilms, and therefore antibiotics are not helpful. Curiously anti-cholesterol medications dissolve the nasty  biofilms and there is some research that suggests taking an anti-cholesterol medication during treatment may be helpful.  It is easy to develop a multi-drug resistant strain through inappropriate treatment. It is not a "tough infection to kill". According\ to \the Scientific American article they may be some benefit min having the infection in a certain universe of individuals. H-Pylori also responds to the "quorum" signal, which orders replication, discovered at Rutgers University. See "quorum theory of bacterial replication" again at Scientific American.
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They edited my first post because I had provided a link to a website in my original post. It was a link to a scientific source that really resonates with me about erasing the damage from free radicals to cure h pylori and it has really helped me out, so if you are interested just message me, I'm not sure if I can give you links in messages or if we have to exchange emails or not.

Basically what you can take away from the source is that pine nut oil can be very beneficial because quote, "the elimination of H. pylori by antibiotics does not guarantee anything, because, if the antioxidant shields of the gastroduodenal mucosa continue to be inadequate, sooner or later it will again fall victim to inflammation and ulceration, and peptic ulcers will return."
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Links to websites that sell products are removed from posts.

My daughter was very ill with excruciating belly pain.  The 2 lots of antibiotics and the medication to protect her stomach eradicated the H.Pylori.  

I agree with caregiver222 that H.Pylori being a bacteria can be contracted again.  

Peptic ulcers can be caused by other problems and not just bacteria.
It seems to me that you are very much into herbal healing and although sometimes herbal remedies are very useful and helpful, they do not help with some medical problems and this is why we turn to conventional medicine.

I suggest you ask your doctor to arrange for you to have a breath or stool test to find out if you do have H.Pylori.  Sometimes a biopsy is taken from the ulcer to identify if it is caused by bacteria.  

Keep a written record of everything that you eat and drink to establish what makes you worse and avoid those foods and drinks.
The types of foods that you should be avoiding are all fried foods, highly spiced foods, junk, processed and sugary foods.  

Eat a healthy and well balanced diet.  Use herbs that are soothing for the digestion - dill, calomine, mint, rosemary to help break down the fats.  Avoid drinking too much coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks, fruit juices and squashes.

Look at your lifestyle to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety can also cause havoc with peptic ulcers.  So do learn relaxation and coping skills.
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