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Having throat pain, burning throat and something stuck in my throat feeling

Hi Ya All with GERD. Im also a sufferer of this disease since almost 7 years now. I had two scopes and my doc diagnosed me with GERD. I have taken almost all the ppis now i am taking pariet 20mg daily in the morning along with domperidone. I have also started taking aloe vera juice since a week but still no relief from that. Now since 2 weeks i have a new symptom that is throat pain and burning throat which comes two three days and then one day its fine bgut comes back on and off. I thought it might be my tonsils because of gerd so i started antibiotic amoxil course and after completion also it din went away so i dont think its anything to do with a sore throat or tonsils i dont no what it is i am completely scared that why this new symptom is there it something serious i cant do anything these days just afraid i might get cancer or barrets ...... Also i have a bad fatigue.

So anybody out there who can help me i will be very grateful.Im only 32 male.
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Maybe try watching your diet. Does the throat burning get worse with any particular kind of food that you eat?
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Dear Miss Singer Thanks a lot for your answer. No actually the burning does not get worse or it doesnt get any better after eating anything. It feels like there is a pain in the throat or little down from the throat and my body feels like i have a high temperature but when i check it i dont have a fever. I am very worried i am thinking of going to the doc and getting an endoscope done. I m only 32 its my 3rd scope im really scared what it will turn out to be. Thanks
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I just got back from the doctor with what sounds like the same thing. Mine is Laryngopharyngeal Reflux. The acid from the stomach makes its way clear into the voice box area. Does you voice sound raspy and do you have a hard times swallowing? I came home and looked it up. Maybe this will help maybe not but here it is:http://heartburn.about.com/od/gastrictractdisorders/a/whatis_LPR.htm
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Thanks a lot for your reply. Ahan so you are also facing the same difficulty's as me its very bad i know how it feels. I also went to the doctor today he only said he cant tell me anything about the throat pain unless he does endoscope on me. I had the problem of raspy sound voice but now its better i dont have that feeling. But i dont have a hard time swallowing. Just have the pain in my throat, bitter taste in my mouth, mouth ulcers coming and going, feels like something stuck in my throat and also sometimes feels like my body is very hot like im having high fever but there is no fever. These are the symptoms im having im taking pariet 20mg mornin n night with motillium. I also feel like a dry mouth.
About the Laryngo Reflux i also thought that i am having but when i asked my doc that he said that in Laryngo Reflux i will have choking of food which i dont so he doesnt think it is LPR but he thinks it is GERD. I am going to get a scope done now to check me throat and to find out the cause for this. Thanks for your help and info.

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Yes. I do have the same bad experience. Even I got Laryngo endoscopy and GI endoscopy, both said there is nothing wrong but suggestive acid reflux inflammation of food tube. That is the reason why sore throat comes. So, maybe, you need to check the possibility of acid reflux inflammation of food tube. I take delixant twice each day for a couple of months without improvement. I am suffering from the persistent sore throat induced by acid-reflux. We need to get anything working to this terrible situation. I am struggling with sore thraot and will tell you what is going later. If you get anything (suggestions, medications), please let me try.

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For several years it seemed like i had a sore throat all the time...you know would have a sore throat for a few days it would get better but would always come right back. I had a ph probe done and I had severe acid reflux despite my dexilante so I just had the tif procedure done on Aug. 4th My GI doctor just wouldn't listen to me and I had to go to my general practiitioner to send me to someone else anyway he sent me to the surgeon and tada finally no more sore throat and only after 4 weeks you can't imagine the difference in my voice already. I just hope that this continues for me ...I have also stopped taking my ppi
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wow im so glad i came to this group im feeling the same like something is always stuck in my throat it is a annoying feeling and when it acts up ..it messes up my whole system..and i have hyperthyroid..but i had the radiation over a month ago..but when it acts up..i get palps..or thats what it seems like cause for some reason it irritates the system..im going to my doc on the to get fully diagnosed cause this feeling is ridiculous..to feel this way all the time..but at least i know im not alone ..but i felt alone..and it burns they gave me a generic pill for my gerd ..thats not working..cause i take antacids with that..its funny ever since..i was diagnosed with hyper..and soon after that..i started getting the heartburn..omg..now i cant eat certain things..cause it aggravates everything..having a thyroid disorder messes up your whole hormonal system..cause i was not taking anything for my gerd ..but now.. omg i have the pain..burning..and like something in my throat..so i know what your going through..good luck..keep it in prayer
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Thanks a lot everyone for helping me out here. Well i will update you with my symptoms now. I went to the Gastro Doc they all said that i have to go through endoscopy to see whats wrong but i din go through it as i already have done it twice in the past years and all they told me that i have GERD and the same ppis. I am on Pariet 20mg twice a day and motilliuim tab twice a day since two months. my gerd symptoms are almost gone. For the pain in the throat i went to an ent doc and she said that i have pharyngitis and maybe its because of the acid reflux and it could be lpr thats what the doc said. So she gave me some antiobiotics which i took for 5 days and it got much better that pain in the throat and also the swelling in my throat and also the food stuck feeling also finished. But now after 1 month i again have the pain in the throat and feeling weak and fatigue. But no food stuck in the throat feeling is there. I will go again to my ent and tell her to solve this issue. I dont think it can be because of the acid reflux because when we are taking a ppi like pariet and two times a day the doc says it controls the acid 100% and there is no aci coming up so i think maybe it can be some throat issues which i will check now. So this is what im going through and i get very weak and my immune system is very weak too. We also need to work on boosting our immune system becuase when we are taking ppis we can get vitamin deficiency so start taking a multivitamin which is not very heavy on the stomach. I will keep you updated on my next encounter with the doc. Lov ya all be.
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Thank you very much for sharing information!
Could you please tell me the names of antiobiotics which you took for 5 days and it got much better that pain in the throat and also the swelling in your throat and also the food stuck feeling also finished? I am taking delixant twice a day and the sore throat is still here. Good luck for your throat issue!!
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I took Cefutil 500mg for my sore throat and almost all the symptoms went away.
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Thanks a lot! I will try it. By the way, what is your sore throat going?
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Just curious what kind of procedure you had done? I have had the same issue with a sore throat for years, but began to get heartburn when I was pregnant with my 2nd child 4 years ago. It never went away, continued to get worse and last year I was diagnosed with GERD. Now I have been getting a terrible sore throat and a disgusting amount of mucus in the throat for a good 6 weeks. Been back on tecta  for 3 weeks, still get some symtoms, but tecta seems better than nexium for me. Going to a specialist soon and would like to know if surgery is an option.
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there is a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis, it can cause you to feel like food is stuck in your throat.  Maybe you should get the scope and have them do a biopsy to test for this condition.  Esp since you are so young. I'm 35 and struggling with acid reflux too.  
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For all those people supposedly suffering from LPR, I wanted to throw out something for consideration.

A year ago, after a very difficult and painful surgery which taxed my immune system, I suddenly suffered from a chronically tight throat with a feeling of suffocation at nighttime. I kept clearing my throat, hacking, coughing; I could feel spasming in my throat, difficulty breathing, and there was a constant feeling of something being stuck in there. I went to a gastro doctor who scoped me, and he discovered a rash all over my esophagus and inner stomach, as well as a very enlarged larynx and swollen vocal cords. He promptly diagnosed it as LPR/ acid reflux/ GERD and gave me a PPI prescription.

I never had acid reflux in my life; in fact, I used to always joke that I had a "stomach of steel." It was a shock. Dutifully, I took my PPI meds, enduring terrible side effects with very little reduction of my tight throat/ suffocating feeling. Something didn't seem right, so I started questioning the diagnosis and doing my own investigation. I noticed that, curiously, my throat got worse after eating certain foods. So I was starting to wonder if it was a food allergy of some kind. Yet, the scoping doctor had taken samples of my stomach and esophagus and sent them to the lab for allergy testing and all the tests came back negative for allergies.

Still, the acid reflux/ LPR diagnosis seemed odd. And the symptoms wouldn't really get much better with the PPIs. I started doing elimination diets only to discover that I got severe stomach and abdominal pain, and an extremely tight throat, within a day after consuming CANOLA oil--a man-made, genetically modified, highly processed oil that is in virtually all processed food and restaurant fare in the USA.

So I eliminated all foods made with canola oil. Miraculously, my “LPR” cleared up within a week after this change in diet. I was literally symptom-free and could breathe normally and sleep again. I also learned that the reason this allergy doesn't show up in lab tests is because canola oil doesn't have any protein in it--which is what allergy tests are sensitive to.

I offer this information to all of you who have suffered from chronic LPR symptoms and throat tightness, without any recourse. Friends, this country’s food supply is killing us. (Even the vast majority of olive oil is adulterated with other oils--just Google “fake olive oil”). By being very careful about what we eat, I think we can heal ourselves better than any doctors or PPI meds can do.
Thank you!!!
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Thank u for sharing this, and for being so persistent to find the issue for urself...wow, as I was reading I wondered if the issue was something they did nor or could not test for...glad u figured it out, the elimination diet works well for these issues.

Thanks again for sharing this
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