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Heartburn & Burping

Hi All

I wonder if someone could advise me and ease my worries.

for the past 6 months ive been suffering with heartburn & burping everyday.  I wake up in the morning and have some breakfast / cerial, within an hour of eating breakfast i begin to burp and with every burp I get heartburn and a funny acid taste in mouth.  It doesnt seem to get better if i drink water, but it does get better when i have a heartburn chew.  After the heartburn chew wears of it comes back again weather i eat or not, so am contanstly taking heartburn chew/tablets.

It is rarely starting to get to me now, the constanted burping and then the horrible heartburn in my chest.  I have also started to get strange feeling in my chest and i dunno weather it is related to this.

Any advise would be greatfully accepted.

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Hi there,

Yip, it does sound like GERD symptoms to me.

Have you tried taking Gaviscon at night and maybe before breakfast again?  Try that and if your burping and acidic taste/chest pains disappear, then you have your answer and then you can try OTC Zantac and at some stage go and see a GI Doc for Endoscopy and find out what is the reason for your heartburn:  i.e. hypotensive LES valve, Hiatal hernia.

If you have weight to lose, or have to stop smoking or elevate your head at night and know that you have acid triggers - then make those changes in your lifestyle and see if that improves your symptoms.

Please let us know how you are going.
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