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Heartburn pain in back and left arm

For the past year I've been having stomach problems. I'm currently working with a gastro. trying to figure out what is going on. But I've been having acid reflux and heartburn, along with many other symptoms. I am no longer on a PPI, as it was really messing with my digestive system. I have a test for SIBO in a few weeks.

However, I am having very bad heartburn. It hurts from just above my breasts to my neck and I can feel a heat coming up the back of my throat when I exhale. The burning and pain is most intense in that area, however, sometimes I get left shoulder and arm pain that goes down to my pinky and ring finger, as well as mid and upper back pain. I also feel this when I'm very stressed or anxious. I don't feel dizzy, sweaty, my pulse doesn't increase. It's just this pain.

In July I was hospitalized for a fast heart rate and had many cardiac tests done - xrays, ct scans, EKGs, echocardiogram, stress test and 24 hour holter monitor. All came back fine. I'm currently on Atenolol for the tachycardia.

Anyways, this heartburn pain scares me that it's heart related because of the back and left arm pain, though I had all those cardiac tests come back as negative. Is it possible for heartburn to be so severe that I feel it in my back and left arm as well?
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Very rarely GERD pain can be felt radiating to the neck, arm and back.
Since your cardiac workup is normal, there is no need to worry.
PPI/H2RA  would provide relief.
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