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Heaviness in left side of chest, nausea, empty stomach

for the last two weeks i've been having a dull pain under my left breast that radiates towards my heart, to my

armpit and my shoulders, down my arm. I'm only 19 and it scares me alot, at times i have trouble breathing and

have a coughing fit once and a while; I wonder if it is because of anxiety, intense stress, or gerd. right now it feels

as if i have intense pressure on my chest and shoulders.

what do you think?
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    These could be due to acid reflux or heart disease. Since you are only 19 years, the chances of having heart disease is very low. So in your case it could be due to acid reflux. 24 hours pH monitoring test would confirm it.
PPI and lifestyle modifications would provide relief.

Lifestyle modifications -
1. Head elevation while sleeping
2. Small frequent meals
3. Going to bed 2- 3 hours after food
4. Avoiding bed time snacks
5. Avoiding smoking and alcohol
6. Avoiding tight fitting clothes
7. Avoiding cola, citrus drinks, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, spicy food
8. Weight reduction
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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