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Hiatal Hernia chest pain

Hi, I'm a 43 year old male with a hiatal hernia. I had my heartburn associated with the HH in control till a few months ago. I currently take 20mg of omeprazole in the morning and 300mg of Zantac before bed. However it doesn't seem to be doing the job. I have so much chest issues that it concerns me about cardiovascular issues. I had a stress test about 7 years ago when the heartburn/chest pains first started and it came back fine.

My question is should I repeat the stress test to rule out the cardiovascular stuff or I'm is a 7 year old stress test sufficient.  Am I being overly paranoid.

I should probably mention that I have anxiety issues and have severe needle phobia as well. I can send myself into a panic thinking about this stuff. I've tried some anti-anxiety medication (zoloft and wellbutrin) but the side effects are to much.

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Have you ever given DGL a go? Try it for a month then ease off the meds before you die of the side effects. The acid in your stomach is one of the bodies first line of defence. Best of luck!
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