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Horrible GERD

Hello! I have a major problem with my GERD. I've had it for about 5 years, but I haven't had it treated for about 2 or 3. I've been on 3 medications for it, first Nexium, then Prilosec, now Prevacid. The Nexium helped me awhile back, but it wasn't worth the money just to help a little. The Prevacid seemed to make the GERD much much worse, and now the Prevacid seems to be doing nothing at all.

I have terrible GERD. It affects me every day, all the time. What happens is, normally, my breath will be labored (being overweight doesn't exactly help the situation) my chest will feel very full, my heart will race for no reason at all during different times of the day. It flares up terrible after meals, even if they aren't heavy. For instance, I can eat a salad, and it still makes me feel like I want to die.

I can't sleep at night because of my chest feels so full, strange, random pains, and more, so I'm constantly tired. To make matters worse, I as mentioned weigh nearly 320 pounds and have a BMI of 43. I'm 18, and while my body frame is somewhat large, it still makes it so hard to breath and I often have terrible anxiety about the whole situation because of my OCD/anxiety issues.

I take Prevacid, Luvox, and Seroquel.

I'm at my witts end. I feel like when I sleep at night I won't wake up, and I'm so afraid to die even though it's just really bad GERD and being overweight. Is there anything I can do to prevent flare ups and make it easier to live with this? Any responses would be greatly appreciated. =(
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My husband is one those people who refuses to go to the DR. Even more so now with the economy. He is 29 and I think he is about 330lb. At least he was when he went to the DR last year. I don't know what all he has tried taking, but I do know he has tried prevacid. I think he has pretty much given up. He takes tums EVERY day. Especially right before bed. It's like he lives off them... I feel bad that he feels that way a lot.
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Sorry you feel so bad

Putting blocks of wood under the bed head can help. Sometimes I basically sleep sitting up in bed.

Take care of yourself
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