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How can I improve?

Everything started in February. I was waking up nauseous. It gradually got worse. I would have a difficult time falling asleep or staying asleep. Then I started feeling the lump in my throat and the sensation of being choked. I went to the doctor who prescribe ambien to help me sleep. It helped me fall asleep, but not stay asleep. She also sent me to ENT. ENT said it looked like silent reflux.  Put me on two nose sprays: azelastine and fluticasone. She also put me on Ranitidine. I also use the nedi-pod.
I started feeling better, but after the 30 day supply, I began feeling it all come back. Saw GI and he put me on Dexilant 30 day supply and that did not help.
I went back to ENT. She put me back on everything plus methlprednisolone (6 day). I started feeling better for a good month. Even stopped the sleeping pill.
Then I started feeling it all come back. Went to ER after a weekend of suffering. They did blood work and said probably allergies. Gave me a steroid shot, but that did not seem to do anything.
Went back to ENT, and finally had a scope. She said my throat is irritated and that this seems to be all caused by silent reflux. She also said I may have TMJ. She prescribed valium to help relax my muscles at night and omeprazole for the morning. She also said to conintue the Ranitidine at night with the fluticasone spray.

She also put in for a CT scan and allergy testing. I'm still waiting to hear to be called for all this.

All of this is making me miserable and affecting my quality of life. I feel like that is being dramatic, but it's the truth. I wake up miserable and just want to feel myself again.

I see GI nurse practitioner on Tuesday.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Positive stories?  
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Try to follow all the recommended treatments for acid reflux such as diet, not eating 2-3 hours before bed time etc. It seems Some of the meds worked for you until your supply ran out. A rebound effect can happened when you suddenly stop a PPI.

When people first experience acid reflux things can seem scary and anxiety can kick in.

You can ask for a PH test or bravo 48 hour test to check for acid levels.
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