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How long do symptoms associated with Hiatel Hernia last?

Recently I had my first onset of Acid Reflux causing chest pain, back pain, tightness in chest, left arm pain landing me in the ER twice. After a visit to the GI and an endoscopy, they found that I had a mild case of esophagitis, gastritis and a hiatel hernia. Two weeks of nasty acid reflux symptoms have subsided. I am no longer taking prilosec, popping Tums or swigging Mylanta. The acid reflux episode scared me so much that is caused some anxiety (or did the anxiety cause the acid reflux? I may never know). As I have returned to work and are beginning to resume normal daily activities, the anxiety is subsiding. The symptoms associated with the hiatel hernia had subsided as well but have returned with a vengeneance. I wake up every morning with left arm pain that does not go away until late morning and when I first sit up in the morning, I feel a pain or pressure in my chest. As the day goes on, I start to feel better but I stand almost all day and walk around. Gravity is the best medicine at this point.I hear popping inside of me when I move my arms and just feel overall pressure in my chest. I've been reading about techniques for my stomach to move downward (self-massage, drinking lots of water in morning and then dropping to heels). I am going to give these a shot but I am not sure if they even work.
I've read that hiatal hernias usually heal on their own. Many people have sliding ones that will eventually drop. How long does it usually take to feel relief? If I do not feel relief, what are suggested next steps?
Please help!

P.S. I am already following a diet for acid reflux, sleep with a wedge pillow and do not go to sleep until 3 hours after eating.
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Most of the times hiatal hernia does not cause any symptoms and hence no treatment is required.
But sometimes it causes acid reflux and heartburn in which case you need to take PPI for 8 weeks for symptom relief. After that a maintenance dose might be necessary.
If symptoms persists in spite of these, then surgery has to be done.
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