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How to exercise with acid reflux and get enough calories in the day?

So I was recently diagnosed with severe acid reflux, so I have a lot of diet restrictions, and also can’t eat after 5pm. I always usually work out after 5, but my blood sugar drops pretty quickly and have to eat pretty frequently to get the amount of calories I need to maintain a healthy weight. I don’t want to give up working out at night, or the intense hikes I like to take, but also can’t eat until I’m full or really eat much at all. I’ve already lost a lot of weight and definitely shouldn’t lose any more, so how can I make sure I’m eating enough to full my workouts? I bought some boost and nuts like the doctor recommended, but that was just to make sure I get the calories I need while sedentary. I’m also on a high dose of omezaprole so will that slow my system enough to that I won’t need to eat as many calories as I typically need?
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