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I have had weekly stomach pains since November 2009

hello, I am a 17 year old high schoolers who gets severe abdominal pain that goes away in about 3-4 hours. Ive been on different meds like Nexium and even Maalox Advanced but none of the meds are helping, sometimes when I take Nexium and Maalox together right before the intense pain starts the duration of the pain is reduced but it never stops it from happening again. I am sick and tired of waking up in the middle of the night feeling a very sharp pain in my stomach and don't want to tell my parents because they have already gone through enough on my last visit to the emergency room because of the pains. I don't want to tell my parent because my last visit cost my parents $2,100 because we had no insurance even though all they did was give me an IV and did a urine test. I do have stress, but (in my opinion) not enough to cause this excruciating pain I feel almost every week.
my mother said that a friend told her that it can be because of hormones because I am going through puberty
like any teenager I do masturbate, but that's maybe once or twice a week
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Hi...may I ask does this happen more when u have ur monthly? If so, u should see a OBGYN as it could be endomytriosis (sp).....

The other issue could be if u get constipated and do not empty on a daily basis...do u?

And lastly, try not to eat prior to lying down at least 3 to 4 hrs to help with digestion.

I understand ur afraid of costing ur parents more money, but u need to tell them and see a dr to prevent another ER visit, a reg dr visit costs far less and left untreated u may end up there  again in pain....and as u saw they treat ur symptoms , they do not dx.....so u could keep going back and get nowhere.

Talk to ur parents

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I am a male
and thank you I will talk to my parents
I am currently experiencing pain as I am typing this snce I woke up because of the pain and I had a hamburger about 6/7 and slept at 10-11
maybe my stomach is not digestng because there are too many different foods to break down?
This is another weird thing, when I lie down like you do on a hospital bed (with your body lying down on like a 140 degree angle) the pain is relieved, when I lie down flat on my bed is when the pain gets worse, is that weird or do you think it's like a symptom?
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So sorry, ur profile says u r female.....oops !

Well hamburger being a red meat is more diff to digest of the meats....u may need to eat a meal like that earlier in the day.

One of the things we do suggest for those with reflux is to elevate the bed to keep the acids down where they belong...when u lie flat, if ur LES  has a slow motility it will allow the acids up into ur esophagus and that is not where it belongs and if left untreated can cause damage....many of the meds today can repair the damage....but u do need to follow the diets and lifestyle changes....

I was ur age when I was dx with a hiatal hernia...I had many of the issues u mention....with proper diet/lifestyle changes and meds u can calm this down and possibly go with out meds after awhile....

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Thank you so much for ur input
but is there any way I can find out what exactly it is that I have without going to the doctors? I want to know because i know how to alleviate the symptoms, I just want to stop it from happening ever again
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I have no idea who might be able to tall u that with out seeing u....u can try the expert forum ....or the live chat coming up.....u can submit the question ahead of time.....I wish I could offer u more of what u r looking for, but , like a dr, they need to see u and know all ur history to make a determination...and I am not a dr...
Here is the link for the chat-

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