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I have upper back and chest pain with lots of burping.

I have motility problems with my oesophagus and have been taking lansoperzole for ages. I'm getting increasingly worried about this and cannot visit my doctor because of the coronavirus situation. Can nyone help?
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I have the exact same. I hope you get a response. I'm also burping incessantly.
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I am not a medical professional but suffered re-flux issues for decades from primary school age to present day now 37, do you have habits alcohol and or cigarette smoking habits, do you worsen significantly burning wise when eating spicy foods or fruit even bananas maybe, or chocolate and or coffee drinking or sugar in drinks, does tea and or coffee drinking intensify the burning sensation and cigarette smoking definitely alcohol drinking if your do at all do any of those substances at all which you may not at all but if you do do you on occasion have intense irritation in your food pipe that's the oesophagus  start of lower middle ribs up to the lower upper last stretch of the throat you swallow threw?
Also absolutely no offence here as yes I hear lanzoperazole does treat some instances of acid re-flux when it is quite bad, but lanzoparazole is lets say the first plan of pill form treatment outside of regular or prescribed antacids liquids like peptac liquid or rennies rennies won't do anything but postpone the inevitable by the way forget them all together it won't help reflux conditions what so ever only slow it down temporarily ease that burning.

Lanzoperazole is the first acid reducing pill treatment cheaper one some it works for others it doesn't after that comes omeperazole they also may try a few other pills things they did with me no med works but lots it does work, but yeah lanzoperazole forces the tummy to make less acid hence less acid to come up omeperazole significantly further reduces that level bodily, aftewr that they can try a small few pills that often fail occasionally work for odd person if so great boom sorted but if not very last resort beyond 80mg omeperazole like I had then it's likely a reflux wrap around op key hole often now not hands inside done camera style but if there is any doubt they will pair up dad said and go two sets of hands inside for support and safety it's now 95% effective I hear and that's a massive % really really rare it causes issues and even then it can often be re-done quickly correcting say slightly to tight.
Wrap around is highly highly unlikely and rare for a surgeon to even propose it, if lanzoperazole doesn't work then trust me via experience the omeperazole is a big step up and for even my severe case kept it at bay for over a decade so yes it's top stuff when it works.
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