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I’m 22 and have chronic GERD that’s hasn’t been the most responsive to medication

I have GERD that isn’t being fixed by medication and I’m not to keen on taking PPIs for the rest of my life due to long term side effects. My doctor put me on a new stronger one for three months but if after that it hasn’t fixed it I want to ask for the surgery. I’m wondering what long term health risks surgery might have and wether or not other doctors would suggest staying on the medication instead of surgery. (I have CHS and spent many days and nights over a few years vomiting, having to go to the emergency room About a dozen times due to puking up blood, Im just at the lower end of a healthy weight so it isn’t caused by obesity or anything and I think my GERD was caused by excessive daily vomiting not the usual cause you’d see in most patients ) I also have wpw that can’t be fixed and is symptomatic. (Extra pathway is wrapped around original)
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