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I'm 22 with Abdomen Pain on my Lower Left Hand Side

I don't know what i have...my only real symptoms are nagging sharp lower left side abdominal pain...(left hand side) NOT THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY BODY...  but the pain is so severe i don't know what to do...i don't want to tell my parents..they always say i'm complaining about health problems..I get Dizzy, Dizziness is another symptom... the pain happens when i sit back in the computer chair...bend over....or stand up and walk...NO blood in my stool...i hardly urinate alot...every now and then...i sometimes feel like i have to do a bowel movement but when i use the restroom it never helps...pain still happens...
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It could be due to diverticulitis or IBD.
Consult your gastroenterologist for evaluation.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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I had similar symptoms about 2 years ago.  It turned out to be diverticulitis(more info here: http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/tc/diverticulitis-topic-overview).

I waited too long to see a doctor about it, and ended up rushing to the emergency room with unbelievable pain at 3am.  I was told if I had waited much longer, it could have killed me.  I was very lucky I did not need surgery.  I was treated by large amounts of antibiotics and morphine.

When I followed up with my GP a day later, he said if I had come to him when it first started, he could have simply treated me with prescriptions and I would not have needed to go to the ER (and pay $6000 for the privilege).

I am not a doctor or anything, perhaps if there is one watching this forum he or she could offer better advice.

However, given my personal experience, I would go to the doctor immediately.  I mean IMMEDIATELY.
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I realize the question is an old one...but I just came across this while searching for something else. I just thought I'd put this out there...in case someone else has the same symptoms...
This may not be stomach/bowel related at all. I had the same symptoms myself...now three seperate times...and each time it was kidney stones. I won't get into my story but if I were you I would consider this.
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