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Insane Coughing

I am a 57 year old woman who does not drink soda, has one cup of coffee a day, exercises, never drinks liquor and never smoked, don't eat fatty foods (watch what I eat) and have some work related stress but not to extremes. My weight is normal.

For about a year, I have had a continual problem with coughing and clearing my throat that is so bad, that I sometimes cannot speak at public functions (part of my job.) Sometimes I cant even clear my throat no matter how hard I try. Every morning within 1 minute of getting out of bed, I have a coughing fit. However, I never have chest pain associated with heartburn.

My doctor says maybe it is post nasal drip but a daily nasal steroid spray and daily Zyrtec didnt help. Then he said try Prilosec, which also did not work.

What's left? This is really taking over my life. I am embarrased by it. I read about some test where they put a tube from my nose to my stomach to monitor stomach acid, but if that reveals that stomach acid is the problem, then what do I do?

BTW- I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy about 18 months ago and it was normal.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Hi Kina600,
All have given valid inputs.

Though your symptoms are not very typical of GERD, you can undergo a 24 hours pH monitoring test for confirmation.

The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.
- Ratnakar Kini M.D.

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You could try Saline nasal spray and gargling warm salt water a couple of times a day. May take a little time to see a difference as all natural, but if it doesn"t help it won't hurt. Good Luck.
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It sounds like you may be suffering from LPR - its a type of reflux that affects the upper respiratory system - causing mucous to come up, coughing fits, one sided ear and sinus pain, etc.  Please look it up, much of what you are talking about sounds like that (as I am guessing you have ruled out things like asthma, etc.?).

The usual treatment is a PPI like Nexium twice a day and allergy type medications.  Also watching your diet for acid producing foods (tomatos, onions, garlic, citrus fruits, milk, etc.)

I hope you feel better soon.

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My husband was coughing forever until they finally figured out it was one of his blood pressure medicines. Once he was off the drug and it went completely out of his system so went the cough.

Someone else I knew had a cough for over a year, they never checker her heart......she is dead now.  Don't let it go!
It can also be caused by GERD< research that too.
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You said you do a lot of public speaking.  This can put a strain on the voice box maybe you should check for polyps, this happened to my husband and over a period of 3 years he had several operations (finally with Laser) to remove polyps as they kept coming back, he was finally referred to speech therapist, best therapy was he have up public speaking that was 25 years ago.
Chronic reflux could also be an issue.  Good luck.
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I had the symptoms you described.  My doctor thought it was allergies and he sent me to a ENT.  The ENT diagnosed me with silent reflux and noted that I had vocal cord nodules.  I had chest pressure, throat constriction (which I described, probably incorrectly, as shortness of breath), and a metalic taste quite often in the mornings but never any heartburn.  I constantly cleared my throat.  Best of luck to you in finding your answer.    
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