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Is Gerd really the source of my chest pain ?


I am 20 and in urgent need of amswers. I’ve had chest pains for months now. The initial diagnoses was Gerd. I’ve had an echocardiogram and 3 ekg’s. I’ve also had blood test due to several emergency room visits. I’ve seen a cardiologist, neurologist, rheumatologist, and I’m seeing my primary soon. What makes me most nervous is that my chest pain can be accompanied by arm pain which never really goes away. I’m in college and this is taking such a toll. Here are a list of symptoms:

Digestive issues
-Lower stomach pain
-loud lower stomach noises
Sore arms
-left forearm
Chest pain inner side and under left breast
Tension Headaches
Leg Muscle twitches
A lot of burping and gas
Armpit pain
Shoulder pain
Upper back and chest pain
Frequent bowel movement
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Well, sometimes it can be tricky to differentiate what is going on.  However, you have had follow up and testing for heart health.  Gerd can indeed cause all of these symptoms including chest pain.  What treatment for Gerd do they have you on?
They have had me on Prilosec and Pepcid  which gave me bad symptoms so I’m off of both. Now I follow a vegetarian diet with fish every so often and avoid acidic and fatty foods
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They had me on Pepcid and Prilosec before but my side effects were too bad
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