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Is it acid reflux?

I feel like there's air coming up my throat, and I have to force it out by burping, it happens every few seconds which is making me constantly burping because i want to push the air out, I don't feel bloated at all.

I don't breathe from my mouth, I breathe normally through my nose, but the air is still coming up to my throat, it doesn't feel uncomfortable because it allows me to "burp it out"

Is this acid reflux / GERD?
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  Hi Kinoko and welcome to the GERD forum.

How long have you been having this issue?

Have you been to a Dr?

What happened around the time this started?

It could be reflux, so a Dr is the best way to find out....and look to your diet and lifestyle as you can modify both to help with the symptoms.

Let us know what you find out.
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For quite some time now, it started around a month or two back, the same thing, burping non-stop whether or not I've eaten, I tried taking note of my diet daily, but nothing seems to be the one causing it so I stopped after a week. The burping however, is a little weird, I won't burp when I'm lying down, but it starts when I stand up to walk.

I haven't been to a doctor, but I'll consider going to one soon.
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  -Not eating is almost as bad as eating the wrong foods....our stomach and digestive track gets ready by making the acids needed to break down food when we are hungry.....so not eating the acid does not have a job to do...and this is why Drs may suggest we eat more meals but smaller meals when we have too much acid as a way to use it up....

Keep a journal of when you eat, and what you eat as it may help you and your Dr find a common trigger.
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