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Is there a connection w/Tonsil Stones and Acid Reflux

Since I have been suffering from acid reflux, i have encountered tonsil stones on a regular basis. They same to come about of no where, protruding from the cavities in the back at the top of my throat, and then this evening i was bombarded with them, with them popping out at the top and bottom of my throat,below and beside the tongue, a very difficult spot, thus i had to throw up to get them out. I still feel there is more left in a cavity at the top but am too worn out to pursue. I was wondering if the any connection with tonsil stones and over active acid in one's stomach?
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I had my tonsils out because acid reflux was so bad they were rotted in the back of my throat.  I believe it is possible that acid reflux can cause problems with your tonsils.

My dr also said acid reflux can cause cavities and sinus problems.
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This is just a guess, but it would make sense, sort of.

Tonsil stones form in (already there) cavities in your tonsils. So any food debris or anything that comes into contact with them can slip in there and get stuck.

I had tonsil stones pretty bad, they eventually took my tonsils out. There was a ton of stuff 'hiding' behind the tonsils as well (YUCK).
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