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Is this gerd or acid reflux??

Foe the past month I have had burning in my chest.It recently got worse to the point where it hurts to swallow and my chest burns really bad.It feels like I have to burp but I cant.It also feels like food is stuck in my chest or throat.I tried taking prilosec,zegrid,prevacid and tums and nothing seems to be working good enough or fast enough.My chest burns like all day even if I drink water.My throat is really sore and it hurts aswell as my chest feels sore like it has been through some kind of horrific trama.Im scared because I do some researchand I see that it can lead to cancer which scares me alot cause Im only 24.The meds seem to be taking forever to work and Im worried that It will just keep getting worse.Right now my doctor prescribed me omeprazol 20 mg twice daily along with tums..But so far no progress it feels the same an It is a very painful an irrratating feeling.Especially the burning and the pain swallowing.I need help please some one give me some helpful advice anything helps thankyou so much!
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I have Acid Re-Flux Disease, I usually have to take Nexium, Tums and other ant-acids. I get a burning in my throat when I want to burp as if I feel the acid coming up. Sometimes the burps turns into something like up chucking but it never goes through. The burning always is in my chest when it is in my throat also. Although it comes from eating certain foods sometimes it just comes from no where like drinking just water. There are even times when I have to just curl up in a ball on my side because the burning pain is so bad --- it would not last for a long time usually and it is nothing that happens often. When ever I go to the doctors they just tell me to take more ant-acids, watch my stress level and watch what I eat. (Or sometimes they give me a bigger dosage of Nexium.) You can have something else, but one of the main things that does contributes to any bodily dis-functions is stress if it comes from nowhere. Try milk and try to stay away from acidic foods as much as possible, sadly even chocolate is in the category. So far nothing is good enough or fast enough, patience helps and so does a good diet. Good luck, I hope this helps! Here are some food you can avoid if you want to try it out: http://heartburn.about.com/cs/dietfood/a/heartburnfoods3.htm
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I was just diagnosed with Laryngopharyngeal Reflux, LPR.  After years of going to dr after dr with no diagnosis. Check out this site that explains it and gives symptoms ( as you have many of the same symptoms I do.)  The key symptom is the globbos feeling in the throat, like a lump or food that you can't swallow.  Finally, an ENT specializing in swallowing disorders diagnosed me by doing a laryngoscopy.  Good luck.

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