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It's not my heart...

After many tests I am told my heart is fine, symptoms remain, these are chest tightness/pain, sometimes ventricular bigeminy for a few seconds. I'm told the pain is because I'm anxious.couple of new symptoms recently, when i eat a meal (not a huge meal but perhaps,more that I normally would) whilst still eating am getting a pain in my back on the left side belowmthemshoulder blade., this is not a bad pain. Also Feeling of pressure on my upper central chest. I continued the meal today and the pressure and pain eased. Didn't feel really brilliant though. I took my BP and it was 92/76 my pulse was 108 (it's often quite fast).

Any ideas what this is? Can't help but worry it's heart related but my doc is adamant all is well inn that dept.
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Hi i have the same thing I had ekgs, stress test and all and they say my heart is normal but still i keep getting horrible chest pains and palpitations....if you find anything out let me know but i kindof have a feeling it is stress/anxiety related because when my anxiety levels go down it goes away...soo yeah ha
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I started having problems with rapid heart beat, palpitaions, burning/pain in chest, panic attacks, feeling of lump in throat,etc about 3-4 months ago. I have since been to the ER numerous times, urgent care,ambulance call, and countless doc apps. I told them I was sure I had a heart attack and had EKGs done, pulmonary(breathing) test, countless blood tests done. All were negative, I argued that the panic attacks were caused by my symptoms not the other way around..end result is I have GERD..Or so they say. Some medication has helped but still having pain in the center of my chest right below the breast bone, as well as pain directly under my left pectoral and behind my right collar bone which gets worse when I breathe(weird). I have also had blood tests for blood clots which were negative. Also I am almost sure that pills absolutely are getting stuck right below my adams apple.
My latest issue is pain in alot of my joints, muscle cramps in the tops of my arms, popping/pain in my shoulders,and upper back pain(I am not worried about a heart attack, this feels completely muscular). I do know however when I was finally convinced I had no heart problems,and with the help of some xanax, my anxiety has mostly subsided, and my rapid heart beat/palpitations seem to have dissapeared..
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i've had acid reflux for ten years and high blood preasure for 2 yrs. just recently went to the docs because i was having chest pains with dissiness and it felt like my heart was skipping. she did a blood test and it came back that i had H-pylori. i took the antibiotics 3mths ago and i feel worse. going to have an upper scope done on the 19th. but my question is could i have had H-pylori for 10 years and that be the cause of everything and can it cause heartproblems. If i could have my normal life back i would kiss the doctor that healed me right on the lips and i don't care if it is a dude. by the way, i'm not gay....just sayin'
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You mentioned about pills getting stuck in your throat.

My dad was adamant something was stuck in his throat and was stopping him eating anything else. He would not accept it could be indigestion. When he finally went to the doctor he was given ranatadine and the thing he though was stuck in his throat was gone in about 3 hours!
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