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Just nerve damage in my throat, or the beginning of cancer?

When I push on throat, above the thyroid glad, under the chin, I feel a raw pain that has been there for years.

I have had hiatal hernia all my life, and my last endoscopy was done 2 years ago, coming back as okay. My doctor said I should just keep taking my prescription medicine. When I asked him about this pain, he said it could be just permanent... or long lasting nerve damage. But since then I can't really tell if it has gotten worse or not.

I don't really have a problem swallowing or breathing. And I only notice it a little bit on its own, but when I push on it, the entire pain reveals itself and can be quite startling. It's like a hidden pain that surfaces a little bit, but when I reach for it, its not hidden anymore. (its pretty much everywhere in my esophogus)

After I push on it, I get phlegm after I clear my throat and my voice goes a little hoarse. I've also had about 5 pounds of weight loss in the last 5 years.

That's really my main concern. And also, when I stretch and move my chest, that pain is always there, for my entire life. Isn't this stuff supposed to go away when I take medicine everyday? Am I not doing enough to change my diet?
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also, i cant seem to find any information on this dormant pain. Its really scary because I feel nothing, then when i apply pressure its a really violent, raw pain through out my entire throat,
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