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LINX surgery help

Been reading forums on LINX surgery and the trial done in 2009 and wondering now its 4 yrs on who has had it how successful and whats the downfall of this surgery? it sounds alot better and reversable the the wrapping stomache around esopheagus and also the trial patient stopped all medications and reported 0 acid reflux or pain which sounds fantastic.
2nd question is anyone having it done in Australia? if yes where and who?
3rd question can anyone recommend a good gastro specialist in the NSW Illawarra(south Sydney) area, its been over 10yrs since I seen my gastro specialist and he was about 70  then lol  I am sure somone new with new ideas and training must be available
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I've just always been told that PPIs were only meant for short term use.  I am still taking prevacid 30mgs 2x a day along with the steroid that I have to swallow 2x a day.

I'm not familiar with pariet--what is it?

I know what you mean about the pain like a heart attack!!  I used to get it in the earlier days of my reflux.  It would hurt in the middle of my chest, clear through to my back, up to my neck and even make my teeth hurt sometimes!!  There was nothing I could take that would make it better---I would just have to wait it out.

I haven't had it in quite awhile, but i can't even lean over to make my bed sometimes, if there is something in my stomach , without it coming back up.  I used to feel like I had something in my throat quite often---referred sensation from down lower.

I wouldn't be surprised if you have a hiatal hernia---especially since it started when you were pregnant---that's when mine started, when I was pregnant with my twins.  

I can seee why you would be worried with your mother having esophageal cancer and your sister having tissue changes.

My youngest child was born with a hiatal hernia and it did not show up with 2 upper GIs and a scope. Her esophagus was getting ulcerated at 8 months old, and she had to have a fundo just before she turned 10 months old---the surgeon came out and told me she had a good sized hiatal hernia---I was surprised, but he said if it isn't pushing through when they look, they can't see it.

sorry you have to deal with this too, it can be fine some days and miserable others---I hae had to sleep in my recliner a lot this last year.  We finally raised the head of our bed3-4 inches and I can sleep in the bed more often.
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the article i read said it is not reversible, you can't have an MRI, it hasn't been studies with hiatal hernias over 3mm, barrett's esophagitis , severe reflux esophagitis and with motility problems.

You also may not be able to have procedures done on your esophagus if needed, and may still need meds.

My daughter had a fundo when she was almost 10 months old--she is 9 1/2 years old and has had no problems--she cannot throw up--but she can burp.
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Thanks for the input Kev,I was reading a forum on a patient who was selected in the trial of the linx procedure and his main issue after surgery was learning to chew his food fully or it got stuck above device for a while then he said it would cause a slight pain when it would open letting large lump of food down but he said to not have any acid and no meds and also be able to drink and eat anything was fantastic after years of watching the diet and taking meds. I did have this controlled lately with pariet(2x20mgs day) and Molitium(4 a day) then I requested a trial on Somac after being told it was better,been on 2x40mg somac now for 11days and acid returned 2 days in after stopping pariet so I think ill begin pariet again and hope this settles. The psecialist has not wanted to do that fundo thing on me, and hoped meds would settle it but that was 10yrs ago and meds have worked up till these past months. I need to find a good gastro specialist, the 1 from yrs ago is old and semi retired.
Thanks for your advice and hope the daughters well
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I am hoping to have a fundo done on myself.  I have had severe reflux for almost 22 years--and i have fought taking the medicine--though I have taken it quite a few times over the years.  i have developed a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis.  My GI thinks it is secondary to my reflux.

I have had to have my esophagus dilated 4 times, 3 times I have had a shotzky's ring.  I have trouble with food getting stuck--and it hurts like he**!!  the idea of a treatment that would still make my food stick and then hurt before it goes down doesn't exactly appeal to me.

I have esophageal changes from the EE--I have rings in my esophagus and furrows, also.  I was put on highdose prevacid for 2 months--but it wasn't improving things, so now i have to swallow a steroid to hopefully eliminate the inflammation and get my esophagus into the best shape possible so I can get a fundo done.  I already have thrush from about 2 weeks of swallowing the steroid--I knew I would get it--I've got diflucan waiting at the pharmacy.

PPis were not meant to be taken for extended periods of time.  Years ago, my surgeon tried to tell me that I needed a fundo--but i didn't want to do it--I was 34.  He told me that as bad as my symptoms were and as young as I was, it was just a matter of time before I would have to have the surgery---wish I had listened to him back then.
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Ok sounds like youve had alot more issues then I have, basically I have a fear because my mother got esophegeal cancer at 65, my sister is now 65 and has tissue changes in her esophegus and is also worried. But they both have been smokers and drinkers. Ive never smoked am tall and slim build dont drink dont even have caffeine and eat lots vegies, salads, fish etc.
This first started when I was pregnant 15yrs ago, and was assumed it was just normal reflux, nausea from that, plus baby pressing as it grew. But 1 year after I still had issues and had the camera down that year 1999, it showed nothing at all, not even red skin. I was told take pariet 2 a day when it was bad then 1 day till it stopped then stop. I had the camera down again in 2003 as I still needed pariet now and then, plus nexium made it worse when I tried it. This time he took biopsies from 1 tiny red patch and told me the sphinxter thing is deformed from birth something he forgot tell me last time. Basically nothing really was wrong and from 2003 till 2012 Oct I could control acid flare ups with pariet, 1 a day for about 2 or 3 days.
So I got it controlled on and off till Jan 2013 when it just wouldnt stop, at 1st I was on 2 pariet a day, then the dr added motilium 4 a day, and 2 weeks ago after I requested it swapped me to somac.
For 4 weeks I am noticing a pain under the left rib area, like a constant stich and now and then had pain like heart attack which I assume is spasm and now reading about hernia am wondering if thats what this is all along.
I am getting the money together to go the specialist and get camera down if it flares up real bad Ill have to just go borrow the 500 that my fund wont cover, free waiting list will be about 12 to 18mnths because all ultrasounds and bloods are normal.
My dr reckons that because I get 1 week no acid or 4 days in a row that this cant be anything too drastic so its no emergency to fork out 500 bucks. I ate party food including a chunk chocolate cake last night and am not feeling great right now. Looks like a bad day is ahead.
Thanks again its nice to talk with a fellow sufferer and get all different views about this.
Hope you feel better soon.
Oh and why cant you stay on pariet or nexium? my firneds been on them daily for 8 yrs and recently changed from pariet to nexium.I have low iron (12 when lowest should be 22) he has that high iron disorder.
ok thanks sorry for long post
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it maybe is a hernia right now but back when it started and I was pregnant I actually had the camera down and check for that 2 times and its not a hernia then but maybe is now.Im told if I have a barium xray itll show a hernia up if 1 is there so might request that and go drink the chalk.
Pariet is rasbeparozole another type of nexium somac tagmet etc all supposed to do same job all have different chemicals.
I am stil on somac but cant say its helping I think when packet is finished Ill get back on 2 pariet a day, also for 3 days ive lowered the motilium from 4 to 3, I been getting a cramp like pain under the right rib area and I think this tablets causing this and would like to get off it all together. Anyway I may have to visit a specialist soon
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a barium xray is an upper GI---My daughter had 2, and neither on showed her hiatal hernia.  I think the fact that her hernia did not show up with a scope and two barium xrays has got to be some kind of fluke, though.

My dad called last night to tell me he was going in for surgery today to repair his hiatal hernia.  I told him I wanted to know how it all comes out because I am going to have to have one.  I hope it all goes well--he is 77 or 78.
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Hi.  I have suffered reflux for 15 years and had the nissen op and then revearsed but surgeon now contemplating redoing it. I too looked into the Linx surgery and enquired but was told my hiatus hernia was too large and my grade 4 reflux was too severe. So back to the drawing board!
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been back on pariet 2 days now after finishing the 1 month on somac and i now feel i shouldve stayed on somac because ive had reflux pretty bad but have been stressed to the max this weekend plus have been out and about eating wrong not sleeping well, hopefully eating normal at the right hours, not 9pm, and some good nights sleep will sort this out.Somac seemed to work ok after 3 weeks but cant say I had 7 dys straight with no acid like on pariet. Got other muscular pains and needed coediene lately so that aint helping
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went to GI dr today, he looked at past results and whats been going on and the fact mum got esophageal cancer and said, gastroscope next Friday madam, he said Im high risk of cancer even though I am slim, eat well never smoked don't drink, so lets hope the test is ok, my last gastroscophy was 2004 it showed slight weakening of the valve thingy , he thinks since then I may have developed barrettes which doubles my cancer risk, he also said it might be the same and Ill be fine, haven't had reflux in a month, pariets stopping it, have had weird sharp pain under left rib for 3 weeks though but maybe muscular will know more on 28th June and after biopsy results are in, wish me luck oh and he reckons if LINX comes to Aust it wont be till at least 10yrs from first trials were completed so that 2016
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