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For around 6 weeks I have had pounding pain around the kidney area which has subsequently moved and sits around under the back rib case and towards the hip area.  I am up from the early hours feeling winded and very much in pain.  I had a urine test which was ok.  Last week the top of my back muscles locked which have been treated with diazepam which has worked a treat.

However, Im really concerned about this pain which is horrendous on waking, doesnt feel like bone/muscle pain more internal which is hard to describe.  As well as 3 days worth of diazepam I have been given acid tablets as when the doc pressed my stomach under front ribs it shot pain through to the back, and have to go back after a week to tell the doctor how I feel.  3 days later, the pain is tremendous although the muscle spasm/locked muscle top of back has gone completely due to the diazepam.  I have been told by the first doc I saw weeks ago it wont be kidney stones as I would feel them all the time but this pain is as niggling and awful as gall stones which I had in my twenties.  I agree though that it eases after being up an hour or so but each day goes by and I can feel it more and more in the day.

I did some harsh movements twisting whilst swimming a couple of months ago and wonder if this could have torn anything.  No other info I can offer you other I drink loads of diet coke.  Thanks very much.
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You have not mentioned whether gallbladder was removed earlier.
If not this could be cholecystitis.
An ultrasound scan may be done to find the status of gallbladder.
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Hello and thank you for the response.

The gall bladder was removed when I was around 23, I am late 30's now and was just comparing the type of pain which leaves you breathless and is hard to describe, I am up late tonight, scared to go to bed as I know what the pain will be like at 2am if I go too early. This pain came on suddenly around 6-8 weeks ago and at first was like pounding in the kidneys, now seems to be more to the right on waking and can barely roll over, it moves towards the hip area and is so so painful and is on both sides of the back below rib cage.  My right ribs feel a little bruised.  

I am normally a very fit person with no back trouble and this is scaring me somewhat.

Any help greatly appreciated.  Many thanks.
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