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LPR Anyone with similar symptoms?

I'm 99% sure I have LPR just waiting on a barium x ray and endoscopy.

Started a few years ago as a little esophageal inflammation.
Two years ago I started to get laryngitis alot.

4 weeks ago I started to wake up with a choking sensation in my throat I get this every night when I'm asleep
Now food feels like its sticking in my throat
Throat stings alot and feels inflamed
Swollen lymph nodes possibly due to sore throat
Sore stinging ears inside and stinging sensation up either side of my neck
Breathlessness and feeling like I can't take a deep breath
Very rarely get burning acid coming up but when I do it dries out my throat and lungs

I had a nose scope yesterday and the ent said the posterior part of my larynx is inflamed and swollen which looks to him like reflux

I have been taking lansoprazole for 4 weeks with only slight improvement in that the choking sensation doesn't happen. How long does it take for things to settle and do I need to be taking any other medication?
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD  forum.

Many times those with Silent Reflux or LPR also have post nasal drip so an antihistamine may be helpful.

I also know we all have to modify our lifestyle and diets in order to aid the meds...as they can  not work alone.

Last it can take up to 3 to 4 weeks b4 u start to see improvements....so give it more time and modify ur diet ad lifestyle and see if u see a difference.
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I have LPR- had it since 1997- it is horrible- took forever to diagnose since I rarely get any heartburn- I have waht is called cyclical vomiting- when i am in the cycle anything I eat makes me cough and vomit and vomit violently- for days or weeks- sometimes even on awakening- always clearing my throat- NONE of the gastro- tests showed reflux- I have been on meds for years- was on twice the max daily dose of nexium for yrs but new ins wont pay so now on protonix twice max daily dose- was on reglan also over 10 yrs and all of a sudden I got tardive dyskinesia from it- very scary!when not in a cycle I can eat hot suace, chili, tacos anythign I want and have NO reflux- dr says possibly related to stress
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