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Lower Side Pain (GERD?)

Recently (maybe 2 weeks ago) I was told that I have GERD. But for some reason my doctor told me it was only a limited ilness and that I should be better in about 3 weeks. I have been staying away from citrus, acid, fatty food, etc. but I still haven't seen any progress. In fact, it has only been worse. For a while now, I have been having a pulling almost like pain in my lower right side (around my stomach, below my ribs above my waist). It is usually strongest when I am coughing(which happens rarely), sneezing(which happens rarely), bending, and laying down. I was told to sleep on my left side because it is in my right side where I am affected. My question is whether it is normal for me to be experiencing this lower side pain? I have been living healthy, eating right and getting sleep and not ever drinking.
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I honestly don't know what to make of how your doctor is treating your GERD.  It usually treated medically with proton pump inhibitor meds (PPI) like Nexium, Aciphex, Prilosec, etc.  GERD also does not cause pain in the area you are experiencing it, nor is it usually self-limiting.  People diagnosed with acid reflux disease have usually dealt with it years since it's a mechanical problem with the sphincter muscle between your stomach and esophogus.  "Self-limiting" reflux is basically heartburn brought on by overindulgence or stress.  

What symptoms prompted you to seek medical attention?  Did your gastro doc perform an endoscopy or did he diagnose you based on your  reported symptoms?  Were any other tests run?  Diet changes are a part of managing GERD and you're doing that very well.  Sleeping on your side won't help GERD either.  You need to sleep with your head and shoulders elevated to use gravity to keep your stomach acid in your stomach.  It sounds like something else is going on and your current doctor isn't exactly helping you.  In my opinion, you need to consult a different doctor.  
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