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Lump in Throat

Had two scopes done, first found an insignificant hiatal hernia, second found nothing at all.  For the past month I feel as though there is a lump in my throat.  I get up in the moring feeling fine, within an hour the lump is there, it usually last until early afternoon.  By the time I go to bed it is gone.  I have been sleeping fine and not walking up with a sore throat, etc.  I do not burp after eating or have heartburn or chest pains.....any idea of the cause of this lump?  My thinking is that the hiatal hernia has gotten larger, but wouldn't I have additional symptoms?
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HI and welcome to the GERD forum.

First I do not know what is meant by incidental hiatal hernia.....u may have silent reflux and without meds and watching ur diet u can feel worse.

Did ur dr put u on meds and a diet??

Have u had ur thyroid checked lately??

If ur hernia is a sliding hernia it could be the reason u feel like u have a lump......

Do call ur dr and explain ur symptoms and see what he says.

Please post an update
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