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Lump in throat

I am a 28 year old female. I have no prior history of any diseases or ailment, athough, my mother has hypertension and my father has diabetes. I have a very stressful and labor intensive job. The  initial complaint was pelvic pain starting in November 2008. Then it went to back pain, and then became full blown anxiety attacks that came with a host of symptoms.( ie, chest pain, dizziness, arm and leg numbness, and lightheadedness). I have been out of work on sick leave since January 2009. As of lately I am not getting much sleep due to the discomfort in my throat. The discomfort started after I choked on water. The same night, I began to feel the "lump" sensation. I spoke about it to my PCP and she said that I was anxious and that it was probably a goiter. Well the ultrasound did not show that. I am still waiting on the results of my thyroid functions. On a sadness scale I would say that I am very sad because of this throat condition. I have a GI appointment next Tuesday. My monthly cycles are normal.

I am not currently on any meds. I was on Percocet for pain. I stopped that weeks ago because I didnt like the side effects. I was on Hydroxyzine for anxiety. Not taking that anymore because prescription ran out (given by ER). My question is will this lump ever go away and if I take Zantac or Prilosec and I do not have GERD, will it make the lump go away?

Thanks so much for your response.
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The lump in the thraot feeling can occur in GERD though it can occur in other conditions as well.
If it is due to GERD then it will disappear by taking PPI (Prilosec) or H2RA ( Zantac)
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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Hello Doctor,

I need your help and suggestion for my long standing problem. I am 31 yrs married female  and no kids. I am writing the details as below:

I already have done my endoscopy last year(from  Bangalore India) and doctors told me that i have Reflux Oesophagitis and i have a Hiatus Hernia as well (less than 5mm). Doctors said not to worry abt Hernia it is ok it wont cause any problem. And moreover when i got my endoscopy done on 17th Sept 2008, i was only having heartburn, burping, bloatedness and no other issue realted to throat or breathing. And doctor prescribed me Pantoprazole 40 mg (twice daily) for only one month and to avoid spices that is all he said. I took Pantoprazole (antacids) and in one week all my heartburn, burping and bloatedness was gone and i was not having any problem. Only problem i was having was breathing that started next day after my endoscopy.  I started felling as if i am unable to take breath inside. This started only after next of endoscopy , prior to that i was not having any breathing problem. now whole day i feel i am not able to breath properly. I try to take deep breaths and i keep trying and may be after 5th or 6th  deep breath i will get one good sufficinet breath. I feel this more eating as well. Night i dont fell much once i sleep. And for few days say one or two days i will feel less problem also. I tend to yawn also alot but at that time also i dont get a proper breath and i cant yawn also properly.

I waited till october almost one month ( from 17th sept till 27 Oct2008) with that breathing problem. All my tests ( Sinus CT, Eppliglotis region CT Scan,  PFT, chest xRay, blood tests, blood test for Thyroid, Lipid Profile, Sugar Profile, LFT) were normal. I dont wheeze and dont have asthma.I was not having any other symptom of acid reflux problem and i was continuing my antacids with full control over my diet. Then i went to see an ENT in Oct last week. He gave me medicines for Asthma(Doxobid, Allegra, nasal spray). I took it for one week and then more of my problem started in November 1st week. Full stomach upset. Doctors thought i got stomach infection, they gave me antibiotics in december. Now from December my throat problem started. I feel lump sensation, dryness, suffocated throat as if some one is squeezing it, i choke, i feel my throat is closing , specially while taking saliva down.

So from december 2008 till now i have breathing and throat problem which no one is able to diagnose. SO now its alomost 5 months i am taking antacids with full control on diet. I lost my 8 or 9 kgs of weight during all these 5 months.

From 4th Jan 2009 till date my weight is constant , i am not looisng further, but i am not gaining also.

I went to 3 ENTS and i got my stroboscopy also done, my vocal cords are normal and things seems to be fine in that according to the doctor.

My question is:

1) Can my breathing problem be due to endoscopy? As i got it only 30 hrs after endoscopy. If answer is yes then what should i do, which doctor should i visit and what test should i get done? Or what should i do in general to know the cause?

2) This throat problem that started in December  almost 2 mnths after endoscopy, what it could be? As i am taking antacids from 5 months and my diet is fully restricted no spices, no heavy fried stuff, not much butter.

Kindly suggest me something as from last 5 months i have taken antacids and deanxiety tablets with a minimal relief and still my problem is not diagnosed.

Kindly reply ASAP



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