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Milk Thistle

I have been taking one form or another of prilosec/protonex, etc, over the past several years. I have what would be considered the typical symtoms of acid reflux.  Especially, if I would eat anything spicy a couple of hours or so before bedtime I would supplement my prilosec with a zantac.  In any event, the acid reflux has been with me for several years.  A couple of months ago, I went in for a routine check up, and had my bloodtest, which showed a slightly elevated ALP of 85.  I am planning on going back to get another blood test soon, however, wanted to share with the group that I started taking Milk Thistle about three weeks ago to see whether this might help lower my enzyme levels to normal.  What I have been finding is that I no longer need to take the prilosec or zantac, there is something (or appears to be something) in the Milk Thistle that is both helping me feel better as well as well as lowering my need for prilosec or other antacids.  My question is, has anyone else tried Milk Thistle and has it helped their acid reflux?  Also, any observations as to why this seemingly is working, and that I do not need nearly as much of the Prilosec or zantac product is occurring, are welcome.  Thanks in advance for your comments.  
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It helps to clean the liver to perform its functions better like Fat metabolism.. it does help probably indirectly. I started taking it since April... problem is I eat a lot of snacks in the night which is also why I have GERD. I kinda stopped doing it now hopefully that helps.
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Hi...this is a first for me hearing about this...thanks for sharing : )

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Hi Seaver,

I have had the same results with milk thistle. My acid reflux has been terrible over the past three years and I've been on four or five different prescription drugs with minimal relief. One of the trips to the gastroenterologist even showed that I had bile present in my stomach, not a good thing. My theory was that consumption of liquor (although not exceesive) was causing my liver to function improperly, thereby setting off a chain reaction that resulted in terrible acid reflux every time I ate. I read that milk thistle is a great detox after alcohol comsuption, so I decided to give it a try. A week into it, I was completely off of the acid reflux meds and symptom free. I want to share this with others in case it might work for them too, so spread the news!

Thanks for posting,
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Hi! I'm glad to hear the comment you posted about taking milk thistle and it helping acid reflux. I just started taking a a couple of days ago and it seems like I have less heartburn also. I have been only taking the milk thistle a few days so I don't  think I'm getting the maximum effect yet.
2019 and I'm starting it too today, I hope for the same results. I have a constantly upset stomach plus acid reflux, m currently on omeprazole. I really do hope the milk thistle I got today will help
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Hello~That is very interesting, I am a firm believer in using when possible, so, this is good to know. When I get bad acid reflux, I drink a few ounces of Aloe Vera juice, this helps almost immediately, it is also a good way to keep a person "regular".
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