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My Son has GERD????????

My son has been "diagnosed" with GERD, although he has had no testing. He had an upper GI that was clear. He has vomited since birth, eats very little food, yet is at the 100 percentile for his weight and 98 percentile for his height.He has given prevacid, I gave it to him for 10 days and there was no change. I took him back to our doctor, who put him back on it. My son had a spot on his brain in utero that prompted doctor's to think he was a Trisomy 18 baby, after amniocentesis was done and showed he was a normal "healthy" baby, this oh so troublesome spot became a cyst, never to be looked at again. He has a High gag reflex and gags upwards to 10 times aday. he eats no fruit, no meat no vegetable. He lives off toast and soup. Yet he's thriving as the doctors say. When he smells food or even sometimes when he's asks if we wants food he gags. The vomiting lately seem to happen at night, after he chokes and gags, he then continues to choke and scratch feverishly a the back of his head, and slaps the side of his face and grinds his teeth. Does this sound like GERD to you?? I'm so very frustrated. No one seems to listen. Although I bet if it was the doctor's child vomiting day after day after day, they' sure figure it out!!
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Hi..so sorry I wanted to repond sooner and everytime I started something happened and I did not get to send a reply.

May I ask, does ur son with GERD have speech issues? How old is he?

To me, non medical person here....sounds like he has some other issues beside gerd going on.....not sure what tho.

I did see a story on Mystery DX that a child that have vomiting issues and it was a seizure disorder.....but the girl would wake up vomitin in the middle of the night and did not have the eating issues.

Sometimes a speech  therapist may be able to help....depending on where u live, there r teams that will come to ur home to evaluate ur son and get him the services he needs. My sister does this here where I live and I will tell her ur son's sx and see what insight she can add.

Good luck and do keep us posted


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This sounds like sphincter of oddi dysfunction
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