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My acid reflux started because I was undereating. Has this happened to anyone else?

Went on a diet in February 2017 where I was eating less than 1000 calories a day.  By end of March I was experiencing reflux.  Was placed on Pantaprozole 80mg (took  40mg twice a day) along with 4 Zantac.  Experience more pain when on medication.  Started Nexium 40 (1 a day) in May with better results but still having reflux.  I have had 2 normal endoscopy and 1 barium swallow test (swallow test revealed single spontaneous gastroespohagus reflux).  My doctor has said that it is not an acid reflux problem, but my stomach is hypersensitive because of my diet.  Does this make sense to anyone?
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To truly dx acid reflux is to have a PH test or Bravo 48 hour test. Undereating may not matter, acid reflux is usually due to a bad LES. Reflux can also happen on a empty stomach.
Thanks for the response.  Doctor thinks it is hypersensitivity.  Have you heard of this causing reflux?  I will for the ph test.  What is a Bravo 48 test?
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