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My insides are not happy! GORD/Bowel movements

Hi there,

I have had a feeling on constant sickness since July. I became very gassy (burping) and always felt sick - I began taking morning sickness tablets. I regurgitate everything I eat, only as far as my mouth I am never fully sick.

In August I had an Abdominal US and a small Polyp was found on my Gallbladder wall. I went to the Dr who said it sounded like I had GORD and the Polyp on the gallbladder was probably fine but to follow up in 6 months with another US. He put me on Somac. 1 a day does not help but 2 does relieve the regurgitation if not the sickness. I am booked in for an endoscopy.

However I am now having 4 or 5 bowel movements (generally after I've eaten). They are not liquid but are small and softer than normal. I have developed haemorrhoids although they are not bleeding.

I also had worms last month and in June. First time I have ever had and I am a very clean person so have no idea how I got them or why they returned after I took tablets (a week apart).

I have lost approx 1 stone / 10 kilos in a few weeks also.

Any ideas what's going on inside me???
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