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My situation is different. I have had nissen fundo.

I am seeking answers to my GERD and gas bloat syndrome following Nisssen Fundo. partial wrap and Hiatus hernia repair. Cannot have a normal bowel movement. Also nausea with vomiting. Nothing is correcting the situation or even helping. Have choking feeling and hic-cups. Have even had hic-cups all night long. Head of bed is elevated.
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Sorry your having such a terrible time , how long has it been since the fundo surgery? maybe it takes 8 weeks or more to settle,I assume your on a crtain soft diet?anesthetic and pain meds etc can cause problems with bowel movements for sometime after surgery. Id go back to the doctor as soon as possible and be sure to write all your issues down so you don't forget. Hopefully its just the usual post op symptoms.
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No pain meds. My surgery was April 22,2013. I am to me on a regular diet by now but I 'm just adding a little of the foods that I feel safe with. Staying away from the hard to digest and gaseous foods. I still fall back on the soft diet and the shakes. I see one of the surgeons on the 10th of this month. The nausea is horrible. I was just gaging this morning and having the urge to vomit. Hope there are some answers out there somewhere.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

I have to agree with Betska, that u indeed need to contact ur Dr.and ask about a stool softener to see if that helps u with ur bowel issues...many times this can be due to the drugs and meds used during surgery....

If u took antibiotics u may want to try probiotics as well  so again ask ur Dr about these to see if they help ur digestive track.

Good luck
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I had a full Nissen Fundoplication procedure about four years ago with outstanding results, so can't really comment with any accuracy about a partial wrap, but I'm assuming that you aren't constipated, but have loose bowels.  Most people who have a complete wrap literally cannot vomit, it sounds like it is possible with a partial... You definitely need to talk to your surgeon and doctor, I would advise.

After my full Nissen, I stayed on liquid/soft foods for a full three months to allow the esophagus to heal fully.  I think before three months Sole, tuna and shell fish were the most dense protein fish that I ate, I certainly avoided beef, chicken, pork, etc.  I also ate very small portions, no more than 2 ounces at a time.  Your doctors can advise you best, but from my experience, a slower introduction to normal diet should be considered.  I wonder, if you have vomited, if the stitches have become undone.  I hope you let us know what you learn from your visit.
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I think your advice regarding the soft foods for a longer period  and the small amounts at a time is a good. I am concerned about my nutrition as well. I do the shakes which I like. Avoiding the dense protein makes sense to me. I have felt all along that I was advance to quickly on the diet.  I do see one of the surgeons in the group on the 10th of this month. Hopefully I can get some help. The gas/bloat syndrome is miserable. I was right on the verge of a bowel blockage so was put on MOM as muralax wasn't helping. Off the MOM now. I have IBS which isn't helping. I have had an upper GI with Barium swallow and was told the surgery looked OK. I still cannot have a normal BM which concerns me as well as the nausea, chocking feeling, and gagging.  haven't vomited for a few days of which I am thankful. With the pressure on the diaphragm I have the hic cups  so much. I am concerned about the hiatus hernia repair. Afraid something has gone wrong there for sure. Thank you. I do appreciate your help and concern. I am taking your advice!
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It makes me nervous when someone follows my advice ;).  
I wouldn't worry a bit about nutrition, healing is paramount right now.  If you mix in something like Ensure, you will get all the vitamins you need in the short term.  My mother lived four years on Ensure and very little else (she had Alsheimers disease).  Do ask your doctor why you can and do vomit.  As mentioned, I had a full NF and vomiting just isn't possible, it might be possible with a partial NF.  
Best wishes.
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I have started back on my protein shakes with ensure  and I usually had fruit. No citrus fruit. Having yogurt as well. Also added citrucel ( about a Tablespoon) to my diet as well. Still have the gas/bloat syndrome but, the gas hasn't been as bad. I do feel better otherwise. My mother had the opposite problem as I had before surgery but there was nothing that could be done for her. She practically lived on Ensure and Boost for her nutritional support. I have been told that the Ensure and Boost causes diarrhea when used  alone and over a period of time. Why I added the fiber. You have really been a help to me. So glad I found this web site.
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Saw one of the surgeons today. He said my problem was my esophagus. It doesn't always squeeze therefore the food just has to go down by gravity.This is also causing esophageal reflux.Doctor also said I will always have problems with meat and vegetables. The gas and bloating will just take time as well as the nausea and vomiting. Your advice has helped me so much. Thank you!!!
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I had the TIF  Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication and am seriously thinking of having it reversed.   It only helped for a few months - and I stuck to the diet longer than necessary.  - Perhaps I should go back to it... I had the fundo 2 years ago this month.  I feel worse than I did before the surgery.  - Can you imagine a Mexican who can't eat Mexican food?  Aggghhhh!  The only chile pepper that doesn't bother me is Cayenne.  Guess because they say it can cure ulcers. - Anyway... I'm up at midnight waiting for the pain to stop so i can go to bed.  going to take some Milk Thistle and charcoal with my Melatonin.... Good nite
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