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Nausea, Vomiting

My boyfriend is 31 years old, always been very healthy and no medical conditions.  For the last 13 days now he has been violently ill, nausea and vomiting, worse in AM.  We thought it was heat stroke to beging with, we had a heat wave and he works outside and does not hydrate himself the way he should, went the the ER on day #6 of illness and was hydrated, several blood tests taken and told to rest and liquid diet for 24 hours.  Did this and no improvement.  Took stool sample in to hospital on Day #7 and everything was normal.  Back to ER on day #9, did CT scan or abdomen and more blood work.  Now told it's a virus and given phenergan which makes it worse.
Took zantac after vomiting on day #11 and #12 and noticed improvement.  No heartburn with this but states when he vomits it's full of acid.  Is it possible he's developed a severe case of acid refulx?  Any suggestions as our local ER does not seem to be able to figure out what is wrong with him.
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HI...it is possible that ur BF is suffering from reflux as a result of the heat dehydration he suffered.....
.....did the drs suggest he drink something like gatoraid?....he needs to replace the electrolytes .

And as a FYI there is  a type of reflux that u do not feel heartburn....it is called silent reflux .

The Flu can also cause an imbalance of stomach acids....

I would suggest getting him to a GI dr...as the ER is not a place for a DX...they treat and send u on the ur PCP.

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