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Nausea + slight stomach discomfort

Good Morning,

I am a 27 year old male who is having serious problems with nausea.  About 3 years ago, I started experiencing slight stomach discomfort(not pain) in my mid-left side of my stomach.  During these periods, I would vomit up entire meals and would constantly have the sensation that there is food in my throat, even if i hadn't eaten all day.  I have had two ultrasounds, which turned up nothing.  I have had two endoscopies, and the only thing the Dr. said was that it was only slighltly inflammed, but nothing serious.  These bouts have been off and on for the past 3 years but this past week it seems things are escalating.
About 5 days ago, after eating and spending time with my gf(these bouts coincidentally happen alot around her) an hour later I began to feel nauseous.  My whole body became tingly and numb.  I ended puking my entire dinner.  Since that day, I have felt nauseous everyday.  I have not been throwing up because I have eaten the equivalent of one day's worth of food over 5 days, albeit plenty of water.  However, i feel as if there is food in my esphogus.  At times during the day I do feel extremely hungry and my stomach rumbles from lack of food constantly....but I just feel so sick that I cannot bring myself to eat even my most favourite meals.
I have not been experiencing any fever or chills, headaches or any other symptoms.  Like I said I have a slighlt discomfort in my stomach region, I feel like my esphogus is full, I am having trouble breathing during these bouts and I have had slight diarrhea even though I haven't eaten much.

FYI, about a year ago I experienced anxiety for the first time and it was gf related.  Anxiety is very big in my family although I consider myself to be very grounded, unemotional, etc.  Things are great now with the GF, so I don't believe anxiety is an issue but I could be wrong and thought i would mention it just in case.
Any help would be greatly appreciated....it is quite debilitating.

Thanks Anthony
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Stickiness in the throat is one of the symptoms of GERD.
You can confirm GERD with 24 hours pH  monitoring.  Esophageal manometry may also be done to rule out esophageal spasms.
PPI and lifestyle modifications are essential for control of symptoms.
Barium meal series may be done to rule out obstruction in the upper GI tract.
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