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Nausea caused by GERD?

Hi, I hope someone can shed some light on this. It sounds pretty weird so please bear with me..

This has been happening for a couple of years. Whenever I go out drinking, my mouth will suddenly fill with salivia and I will feel like i'm about to be sick (to the point that I have to rush to the bathroom because I can't control the gagging which begins soon after). When I get to the bathroom, i'm not sick, I just retch a lot. It only goes away if I manage to burp.

This has always happened when there has been sustained laugher while drinking (only ever after laughing) and the symptoms usually begin about 15 mins or so afterwards.

At first I thought it was just alcohol but i've now noticed the same thing happens when I drink soft drinks - even water.

I was diagnosed with mild GERD a few years ago - could this be what is causing it? Usually with GERD I may feel like I want to burp but can't but with this I can burp easily (and burp a lot).

Or is it just a case of drinking too quickly during the night coupled with the laughter? Swallowing too much air?

And how can I make it better? It's ruining every single time I go out. Particularly as the retching is so difficult to control.

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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

If u have a GERD issue both alcohol and carbonated bevs are not good for u....have u been to a Dr?

U need to avoid foods and bevs that will trigger the symptoms, when it is bad, even water can be a trigger. Avoid the typical foods, spicy, greasy, acidic and attempt to eat healthy, and get plenty of rest.

Lifestyle can also be a factor so look at the Health Pages for more tips on foods to avoid and how to modify ur lifestyle.
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