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Nausea for three Weeks

Ok so I had a upper Gi test done tuesday and they found I had little gastritis of the stomach and esophagitis and that my stomach was making to much acid. I been on protonix for 2 weeks now and after every meal and bedtime I take mylanta. I still feel sick all the time. Also i have very smelly green poop??????? How long can this take sometimes. what else can i rule out? Why could I be making to much stomach acid???? Please help its been three weeks a 2 days.

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Hi Melissa,
There are many causes of gastritis. The most important being H.pylori infection and nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs.
Though symptomatic relief is provided by PPi, you need to treat the underlying cause for complete releif.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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I have been dealing with the same thing since 10/07 I have had several test all negative I have had my gall bladder removed on 1-10-08 and still had the same symptoms.  I am on protonix 2 times a day and I had so much stomach acid and very smelly poop.  The doctor just put me on reglan 10 mg at bedtime and I feel 100% better I do not have the acid and I do not feel sick like I could vomit in the morning and last night for the first time in 3 month slept through the night without waking up.  I don't know what to tell you but share my expierence with you just keep on the doctors about it.  Good luck and God Bless you.
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Well Im glad to see Im not the only one out there. About a year and a half ago I had something like this and it lasted 55 days and it was alot worse. I was vomiting and really could not eat anything. Here Im just really sick to my stomach and I can eat lil at a time but still feel sick. My doctor put me on reglan but I felt wierd when i took it so i stopped. its wierd at night I feel ok and Im so tierd I got right to sleep but Only for like 5 or 6 house so around 4 or 5 Im up because my stomach is bothering me. then I eat like pretzels or yougurt then  I just lay in bed till like 7 because I cant go back to sleep because my stomach is bothering me to much. Sometimes I feel fine then I can eat then a mintue later I feel really sick. I have no pain or burning. was your poop green to?  Im also on protonix twice a day. Its been two weeks and I dont think its helping. Only been taking it twice a day for 3 days. Why do people make to much acid????? Why did you have your gallbladder out? All my test were neg to. This is so wierd how thiis things happen and there are no answers.
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I had a Hida Scan in June and the rate was 77% then I had another one in December and it was at 40% so they thought that my gallbladder was failing and making me sick.  It took me about a week on the Protonix 2 x  aday before I started to feel better, the regland I just started 6 days ago but I dont like how I feel on it either but I don't feel sick so I will just stay on it for 4 weeks.  I have losted 15 pounds because I have not been eating much and now they have me on a low fat diet until my body gets used to have no gall bladder.  The reglan did stop all the acid and burning I was having.  Good Luck
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Thanks! Well i been on the protonix once a day for two weeks and this past thursday he started two a day so its only been 3 days. Sometimes I think its getting a little better but its so little that Im still sick. If you know what i mean. I lost about 8 pounds. Im jsut so tierd  of making myself eat. Like ever 2 hours. See I have no pain or burning so i really dont know what else could be going on. i know it could be alot of stress and aniexty now But i dont know I go back to the doctor tomorrow and I might ask to try a different mecication.
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