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Need help

Im49 years old and having stomach problems. Can some one please tell me what I have. I stared with heat on my stomach and then my wife gave me  omeprasol . It went away but kept taking omeprasol on the third day I ate something for lunch and got  bloated for dinner I had to buy some gas x so I could eat. The next day same thing happen. My  symptoms at this moment are  bloating and burping. I burp all day around 10 times an hour.

What can it be GERD,  acid reflex ,   Gastritis or what . Ps don't have h pylori.
Please try and help can't sleep.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Only your Dr can DX what it is  but which ever DX you get, you will want to modify your diet and lifestyle to aid the meds the Dr puts you on.

To aid sleep, do not lay down for 3 to 4 hours after eating.....and elevate the head of your bed to help keep acids down where they belong.
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I don't feel the acid I just feel bloating after I eat and it last tile I during gas x and the burping I counted them yesterday they are about ten burps an hour.
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  We all may not have the same symptoms....some do not have heart burn....but do modify your diet and lifestyle and see your Dr
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