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Need your help - LPR

54 yr old male, had 3 weeks of hoarseness in early July, went to an ENT doc who scoped me and told me I had classic LPR symptoms, namely inflammation in the back of my throat. She asked me to double my Pantaloc (PPI) and to expect a long recovery...at least 4 months. Preceding the voice changes, I had several night wake-ups from acid in my throat, quite a scary way to be awakened. Within a couple f weeks, the symptoms improved as measured by stronger voice. I then had a relapse and had another episode of nighttime acid in my throat. Since then, I have had on 3 recurrences a painful swallowing sensation, right above the clavicle on the right side. It hurst even when I swallow. Some days are better than others. It has gone away for a week or so and then it comes back. I have an appointment with ENT but only in 6 weeks...
So my questions are 1) If I was scoped in late July, can I feel confident that the new pain is not a cancer? 2) Can LPR manifest itself as painful swallowing particularly lower in the throat? 3) Can LPR have varying symptoms meaning one can have voice changes and then something new adds on top of that even while being medicated with Pantaloc?
Thank you
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Hi there,

I hope I can help you today.  I write the book on LPR symptoms, how acid reflux can affect your voice, chronic throat infections/sore throat and ultimately how you can develop Chricopharengeal muscle dysfunction due to longstanding acid exposure!

I have been battling with my symptoms since 2006 and had so many tests and procedures done and 2nd and 3rd opinions.  I was diagnosed with Barrets Esophagus due to longstanding GERD.  I lived in South Africa then.

During July 2011 we immigrated to Australia and I struggled with chronic throat infections, my voice would feel "wet" and I always had this layer of thick mucus in my throat.  Eventually a Doctor here referred me to a Gastro Ent. and from there on a Surgeon that performed a Nissen Fundoplication in Feb. 2012.  I very successful one and I am GERD free!  but I still have Barrets and now I struggle with the Chrico muscle that thickened due to the acid damage.

My advice to you:  ask for a referral to a Gastro Enterologist.  Very important:  not a General Surgeon! they need to do Impedance study with 24hr PH test.  The normal PH study can not pick up the acid in your throat (UES) and often misses reflux that is not acid related, i.e. alkaline.  

Have you ever had a Gastroscopy/Endoscopy done?  That can indicate a Hiatus Hernia or hypotensive LES (lower valve).
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

It is very possible to have symptoms return and have new ones develop even while on meds if you did not modify your diet and lifestyle...they are as important as taking your meds as directed...

Do not eat spicy, greasy or acidic foods, no carbonated bevs, caffeine, and alcohol....

Do not eat for 3 to 4 hrs b4 laying down.

Elevate the head of your bed.

Do not wear tight clothes....

Try and reduce stress....

These are a few of the lifestyle and diet modifications we should use when we have these issues.....
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