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Newborn Digestive Issues

My 10week old has had reflux since he's been born (with projectile spit-ups and/or regular spit-ups after/during every meal).  In terms of frequency, the projectile part is only 2x/day (remainder is regular spit-up).  The baby is extremely uncomfortable during/after eating.   Normal weight gain (he is in 60% percentile).  Spit-up is either white (from formula) or clear.  He was on Pepsid for reflux, we are now trying Prilosec.    Recently, he has been crying more than usual when eating and has extremely loud burbs that smell like sulfur/rotten eggs.   Is there anything else wrong other than his reflux?
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  Hi....if u can avoid laying him down after he eats, use a swing so he is upright or inclined would be better.

May I ask what is he eating?...r u nursing or r u  using formula?
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I agree with the above poster. My daughter had reflux and was nursed, she reacted to a lot of foods in my diet, where I needed to be on a very basic diet to slow down her reflux, plus she was on meds...and held up for an hour after each meal...and not jostled too much, lol. My little guy had reflux and a slow emptying stomach and needed to be on meds for both. We found with him, name brand axid worked better then anything else.
Good luck!
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