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Nexium and Prilosec

Prilosec does not work for me unless it is taken in combination with Reglan.  I am allergic to Reglan, having suffered for 2 years from rather serious side effects, including Parkinson's syndrome, before it was diagnosed.  Prevacid gives me hives.  I have taken Nexium for many years with no side effects and have had no office visits to physicians for treatment of reflux since I started taking it.  My insurance company has now denied coverage through the second appeal, saying that Nexium and Prilosec are therapeutically equivalent.  To me that means they are used to treat the same condition but it doesn't mean that they are the same drug.  Am I correct?  They are not the same?  In view of the documented complications from taking the insurance company's preferred drug, letters from physicians, etc., why do they insist it's the same?
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They are not same medications.
Though they are different medications, they belong to the same group of medications called proton pump inhibitors. They have similar mode of action.
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