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Nexium vs Prevacid

I have been prescribed Nexium by my doctor for the past 9 months and it is wonderful in preventing heartburn but after a while I started noticing that my stomach was slower as it would take up to 12 hours to empty my stomach. I recently changed to Prevacid as it recently came out as an OTC and it is my 10th day on it and already feeling the difference. It not only stops heartburn but I also feel my stomach emptys much better and I feel as it has helped in other reflux symptoms such as my esophageal sphincter feels stronger. The only other change in lifestyle that I made recently was that I am taking Herbalife Aloe and regular Aloe Vera Juice in an intent to help heal my esophagus. My question is: What is the difference between Prevacid and Nexium in what it does and how it does it? Long term effects?... Is what I am feeling are effects from the aloe healing my esophagus or the medications?
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...sorry I am not able to answer that question, but u may want to ask in the expert forum or on our live chat......

The link for the chat is the thread at the top of the forum.

All I do know is that meds will work diff for everyone...gerd meds that r PPIs stopped working for me and I am taking H2 blockers, they work much better.....

We r a support forum here and if u want support, we r here and willing to share our experiences, but meds questions like this, I do not feel qualified to answer.

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Can you take nexium one day and Prevacid the next? I am struggling to find something to help stop the burning in my chest and back. I started on Prilosec 4 years ago for GERD. When that didn't cover it, I was switched to Nexium. Then my primary switched me to Protonix 40 mg/daily. That worked for the last year. I tried taking Celebrex for a hip problem and that threw my reflux into overdrive!  It's been 6 weeks and I can't get the flare under control. Now I've been switched to 40 mg of previcid twice a day! I just started and it doesn't seem to be helping. I hate taking all of this medicine and not getting relief! I'm also popping Gaviscon and tums. I've never been so discouraged. Just don't know what to do or where to turn? Can anyone offer advice or suggestions?
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