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Has anyone else experienced only nexium working?  I have used all other medicines and they don't seem to work, but now my insurance company wont pay for it.
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All the PPI are of equal efficacy.
But sometimes when you dont find response with one PPI,switching to another PPI might work.
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Hi Annano,

We have something in common.  I had been on Nexium for about 6 years, maybe longer, and my insurance stopped paying for it last year.  They would pay for the powder but not the pill and the powder did not work the same.  So I went to the doctor and they put me on about six different ones of which all did not work.  I ad some painful experiences le me tell you.  Last April I got pneumonia and my pulmonologist thinks it may have been from the acid reflex getting into my lungs.  I finally got put on a new medication called Kapadex.  it is different, t has a second release later in the day.  My acid reflex is so bad that I have to take the 60 mg. pill twice a day but it works well.  No more acid, no more pain.  They may say all these meds are alike but until you have to use them you know they are not.  BTW Kapadex has this special promotion.  If you get a prescription from your doctor you can go online and register and print out this card or your doctor can give you the card if he is a gastro doc and has them.  Anyway, the makers of Kapadex will pay whatever your insurance doesn't pay for one year for trying it.  So mine is free AND IT IS WORKING...  :)
Good Luck.  Let me know how you are...
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