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Nissen Fundoplication x3 and having problems again 5 years post surgery

Has anyone had any experience with multiple Nissen Fundoplication redos and them failing? I had my last Nissen redone 5 years ago this April and they also had to do a Wedge gastroplasty to lengthen my esophogas to prevent it from coming undone again. About 6-8 months ago I started having a lot of nausea especially after eating, acid reflux taste in my mouth, and this has progressed to epigastric stomach pain as well. My GI doc has me on Omeprazole, Ranitidine, and Amitriptaline.  I have tried natural supplements as well. Now I am back having more testing completed to see if this is reflux or something else.  Can they do a 4th Nissen if it is reflux? Nervous about my options. Any info/help is appreciated
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