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Non-Acidic Regurgitation

I have been dealing with regurgitation of food for the past year.  The regurgitation begins about 15 minutes after consuming a meal, and can last up to 4 hours.  The best way I can describe it is that I have a need to burp constantly, and food always comes up with burping to the back of my throat, and I am able to swallow again.  Most often, the regurgitation is non-acidic (more like vomit).  

I have been on different PPI drugs (Omeprezole, Dexilant, and Protonix).  I am currently taking Protonix 40mg twice daily (morning and night) 30 minutes before meals.  Typically, the drugs will work for about a week or so, and the symptoms will return during week 2.  I have an an endoscopy, stomach emptying test, barium swallow, sonogram, and Bravo PH test.  The only results I have were that my Bravo PH test showed very high PH levels in my esophagus, but I was having more acid reflux those two day than I ever have had before.  I have heard rumors that PPI withdrawal can include more acid reflux, which I had to stop taking the PPI drugs to conduct the Bravo PH test?

My GI does not believe I have any food allergies, and is suggesting I go the surgery route.  If you are dealing with similar symptoms, has your GI provided any further options to determine what might be going on?
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