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Odd cure for GERD / Acid Reflux?

I have been suffering daily with this awful rot-gut. Wakes me up nightly and leaves me suffering for 2-3 hrs. I took Zantac and Walmart's Equate generic version of Zantac for about 16 years, it was losing effectiveness (now the class action lawsuits out stating it's responsible for multiple types of cancer, god help me). I asked my doctor to prescribe something and was prescribed omeprezole (sp?). This never worked well for me. So, 18 years of suffering, it starts to become normal. It has made it hard for me to get up for work in the morning since I typically wake up at 1-2am and toss and turn until 4-5am. OK, now that you have the back story, this is where the weirdness starts. I just planted my vegetable garden. I woke up and went outside to find 5 pepper plants broken off at the surface of the soil. I googled what it could be and discovered I had cutworms. I found that Diatomaceous Earth is helpful to kill them, and organic as well. I purchased a bag and it said food grade, so I decided to look into what this is. It is a fossil flour and there are claims that it helps skin, hair nails, ect. I have thinning hair, so thought I would go ahead and try it for myself as the only side effect was constipation if you don't drink enough water. It is day 4 (taking in the morning). I woke up after taking it the day before for the 1st time and realized that I slept through the night with no reflux. Night 2 & 3, same. No acid reflux. Could it be this easy? I am sold. Please note, food grade only if you try this (my brand is HARRIS - says FOOD GRADE on front of bag in large text). It cost about 8.00 and should last a year or 2, plus, it kills those nasty cutworms. Is it possible all this GERD is actually from stomach parasites? Who knows. Weird, wish I would've discovered it earlier.
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