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Only Sucralfate syrup worked but not available in my country?

I am looking for some advice... some gastrointestinal or anyone who have similar experience.
Normally I don’t eat much or sometimes nothing in morning except tea or I drink lots of lots of water...
6 months back evening 7pm I took Turkish coffee which I never drink before in my life... This gave me like heart attack... chest burning and it was so strong that I had to call my friend who took me to hospital... doctor after examining gave me PANTOPRAZOLE 20MG to use before breakfast... I tried 3 days & it didn’t helped... Then I went to other doctor & he gave ESOMEPRAZOLE 40MG which I tried for 3 days & no improvement at all... So it’s very clear that I am living in 3rd world country with no good doctor. One colleague suggested me to take OMEPRAZOLE 20MG morning & evening. So last 10 days my routine is morning wakeup & take omeprazole... go to work & eat apple... afternoon eat pears... after work at evening again omeprazole & then dinner is roasted chicken without any pepper or salt.
This routine have little improvement like 5%.
But real good improvement came when I drink sucralfate syrup for 3 days ... it really helped me alot ... but guess what this syrup I brought from my home country and it’s not available in this country... I tried all the pharmacies but nothing. They gave me MEDACID plus ANTACID syrup which I am afraid to use.
Now I am afraid to eat anything... I don’t know what medicines I should take... Even I am afraid to drink water which I use to drink too too much... Last ten days with omeprazole I get some headaches and sometimes I feel white bubbles in urine like calcium. Yesterday I drink little green tea and it made my chest horrible.
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