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Pain/discomfort above left nipple, Possibly GERD related?

I am a 24 year old male and am fairly active(sports-wise.)I am experiencing pain/discomfort on the left side of chest, about 3-4 inches above the left the nipple, about a couple of inches towards the center of the body(about an inch and half across from the esophagus,and sometimes near the middle of my body) is where i can pinpoint the exact location. On most days i feel fine, but some days the discomfort comes, and i usually feel nasueadetead for a few minutes, mostly hours, and it makes it diffcult to sleep, eat,and sometimes to talk and excersise. When i try to talk and/or excersise it leaves me with a kind of shortness of breath, but it is not too bad. When i do sleep, i usually sleep on my right side, but sometimes I shift to my left, and when laying on the left side i can feel the discomfort in that small area and it seems to worsen to the to the point where i feel extremely nauseous and I feel like I am about to vomit and most of the time i end up burping, which temporarily relieves it, when i eventually pass out i wake up sometimes i and get dry heaves, and on a few rare occasions, i have woken up and vomitted(althought nothing seems to usually be in my system at the time, so its mostly clear liquid).This also happens when I am sitting down sometimes, but its usually worse laying down, and as i mention, burping seem to aliveate it for a few moments but then it comes back and i feel like i want to vomit. I had seen a doctor about this problem and was diagnosed with Chondritis, but the medication i was given doesnt seem to help, and i think it may be something else(i wouldve went in for a follow up but i have just recently moved, so at the moment i am looking for a new doctor.) Right now I am just seeing if there is anyone out there that may possibly know what might be happening with me. i was also diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse when i was in High School, although I'm generally not affected by it, and do not take medication for it. I am not sure if these symptoms can be brought on by stress, or it may be possible that i have acid reflux(GERD)(i burp alot, and occasionally a little bit of food/acid come up)? Just trying to get some advice/feedback while i look for a doctor. Thanks for any help that you guys can give me.  
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Hi...it sounds like u may have a type of Ehlers-Danlos or Joint Hypermobility syndrome ....both can cause the issues u mention....and may be diff to dx.

MVP is something that is common in EDS patients......and EDS patients r prone to have hernias like a hiatal hernia which could be the root of ur GERD issues.

Do ask ur dr about these conditions and keep us posted

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sorry for the spelling errors, i forgot to spell check
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