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Pain in Lower Espohagus and Upper Abdomen

I have a question and figure this is one of the best places to ask.

about a month ago I had a horrible bout of Intestinal Bacteritis.
I got over it in about 5 days, but since then i've been having an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

Sometimes I eat something small like soup and i get the worst craps and bloating in my upper stomach region.  It never goes higher then my lower espohagus and it lasts for a few hours.

2 weeks ago I had one of these experiences and i touched my lower stomach and i found a spot that was incredibly tender and felt like a sharp pain when i touched it.  It's about the size of a quarter and tends to move.  Sometimes it's right in the middle of my lower espohagus, sometimes its under my right or left rib cage and today it's over to the right, about 1/2" above my navel.

It's the most incredibly uncomfortable feeling.  if i bend over I feel like it's knawing at me, if I slouch it feels extremely uncomfortable and if i am just standing or sitting straight i can feel its presence there, like a lump or something.

I took some zantac on the advise of a friend who is a nurse and my mother who is a nurse, but it just feels like it's getting worse.

I'm at a loss for what to do.  I don't have a family doctor in my city yet and the earliest i can get home to my family doctor is in 2 weeks and walk in clinics are out of the question because they just tell me i have a stomach ache (like they did last time) and to get over it.

Does this sound familiar at all to anyone?

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Abdominal pain with tenderness in the upper abdomen is most commonly due to peptic ulcer disease though it could be due to other causes like pancreatitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis as well.

An upper GI endoscopy and ultrasound scan of the abdomen can done as initial tests for its evaluation.

PPI will provide relief if it is due to ulcer disease.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D

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thank you for your comments Dr.

I've since been taking the zantac (75mg every 12 hours) for the past few weeks and it seems to be subsiding and i haven't had any of the above issues, except this past weekend I ate a greasy burger (which i never eat) and it flared up again, with the upper abdominal bloating and sore spot, as well as diarrea.

I'm willing to bet that it's an ulcer as i've been under amazing stress for the past few months and wouldn't doubt that i gave myself a stress ulcer.  

I think i will book a Barium Swallow/Ultrasound to get it looked at to just be sure.

I doubt that it's pancreatitis, hepatitis, cholecystistis, as I am young (26) and active and in good health otherwise (don't drink/don't smoke etc)

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